Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There was ice on my windows this morning. Yesterday I got a cover for them. I shall have to start using it, from now on, on really cold days. Lately I've been forced to wear heavy clothes because the weather is starting to get colder. This morning I made sure I paid Howard for the five ziti tickets for Sunday. Now we shall all be able to show up. Last night I watched some of "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. The liberals have yet to stop continuously attacking McCain & Palin. I've heard a few times that she wants to think of running for the presidency in 2012. I've just noticed that the American Humanist Association is already trying to destroy Christmas this year. Yesterday they started a $40,000 ad campaign in Washington mocking traditional Christian beliefs. If you want to protest this cheap shot, their phone number is: 1 800-837 3792. I recently got started using my Yahoo messenger account & even have a few friends on it now.

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