Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today is the seventeenth anniversary of the day I broke my left (unfortunately my dominant) arm over at St. John's High School while delivering something to Sister Noella. I woke up today to a damp, rainy, bitter cold morning. Yesterday, fairly late in the day, I made sure I put that thing over my windshield to avoid any ice, fog, etc. I shall assume it worked out. It was sort of hard to put it on because it's such a big clumsy kind of thing, so it took a few minutes. Yesterday the Red Cross sent me a notice, in the mail, about their upcoming local blood drives. As always, last night I got a call from them. I made an appointment to give blood on November 25 at 1:15 p.m at the Polish veterans' place on Oak Street in Plains. I always seem to end up over in Plains lately. Mary Anne called last night. There's nothing much going on that I know of. It was just a typical call. I played my guitar yesterday. Soon I shall be really good at it. Tomorrow is Karen's birthday. I shall be most certainly praying quite a whole lot for her.

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