Monday, March 19, 2007

Feast Of St. Joseph

Well, finally & at long last, the snow seems to be over. Let's just hope we have no more for the rest of the year. There are only two days left to go before spring yet. I really can't wait! Yesterday I made sure I got back toDavid Copperfield again. The library was most probably closed on Saturday. On top of that, my Carmelite meeting was cancelled. South Street in Wilkes_Barre would have only driven me stark raging nutso anyway. Gas is going up like crazy again, I see. Has anyone heard that Cheney intends to resign? That would be smashing news, but I haven't heard any details so far. We've been at war for no purpose for around five years & there's no known end in sight. Easter is coming up. I see all the cute as a bug's ear decorations & candy are making their appearance faster by the second.

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DesertCall said...

Hi Heathcliff,

Happy feast day. Are you TOC? Are you going to the Provincial Convocation this summer in Chicago, IL?