Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Whoa, Spring!

Spring has finally & at last sprung, as of 7p.m. last evening. To my undying chagrin, though, there's still a lot of snow & ice on the ground. On my way into the library today, I slammed the door onto my finger. That's not such a fabulous feeling. I have to go give blood at St. Cecelia's in a few hours. I wonder if they'll let me. Recently I got kicked out of the Red Cross place because of a heightened pulse rate. Easter very fast approaches. I've always liked Easter. At O.L.P.H. I was always expected to lector at the Mass on either Holy Saturday, or at least Palm Sunday. Either way, it's a strenuous time to have to get through. I hope Eddie & all the other lectors over there are getting by well without me. At O.L. Sorrows I don't do much of anything so far. A very definite disadvantage of Easter is that it's always been entirely too fattening for me. After a while, I can't even enjoy all the food anymore. Too much of anything is poison. As the old saying goes, moderation rocks. KrissyKrissyKrissy went back to New York this morning. One of these days I hope she gets a chance to pick on all the Bethpage people for me. I just found out from another blog that New York City, where I don't happen to live, is giving away all sorts of things for free today in order to welcome the new season.

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