Friday, March 23, 2007

First Friday Of Spring

Today is the beginning of the very first weekend of spring for this year. The snow & ice have been finally & at last meling & thawing all over the place. Very soon, with any luck, the flowers will all be in bloom & the birds will be able to stop having anxiety/panic attacks about weather to stay in the south, stay over here or what. Last night I watched The famous Hitchcock movie,Suspicion with Joan Fontaine, Cary Grant & an all star cast of many other familiar names & faces. I've always really enjoyed Hitchcock & this one has always been a very favorite of mine. The guy who played Napoleon Solo & Ilia Kuryiakin's employer, Inspector Waverly in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was even in it. He's the guy who fired Cary Grant for stealing 2,000 quid. Last night I ate quite a whole lot of candy. It's very fattening & can be quite habit forming, so I usually like to stay as far away from it as possible howsoever much I may enjoy it. Today being Friday, there'll be no meat. Have some fish with your Friday dance. A couple of days ago, I left my Christian Prayer book at O.L.Sorrows but today I got it back thanks to Howard the sacristan.

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