Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weekend Coming Up

Last night I switched over to Google's Blogger. We soon shall see whether that was such an especially bright idea or what. A couple of days ago, Marie F. from the Seaford (St. Joseph's )Carmelites in N.Y. sent me my old paperwork in case it turns out to be unavoidably necessary for the Pa. crowd. So far, though, they haven't bothered to ask for it out here. Wayne W., from my new KofC council (Assumpta) sent me the third degree dues. I got them yesterday. They're quite substantially less than O.L.P.H.'s dues. I've only been to the new council a grand total of maybe three entire times so far, unfortunately. The weather outside is absolutely & entirely atrocious. Although th temperature is hovering around 50's ish, it's a damp rainy 50's ish. In N.Y. I was very active in my church & council but over here I've been very quiet with them so far. If I don't get moving I'll lose my annoying side.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Congratulations Are In Order

Very muchos congratulations Baby Smiley Peeing Baby Baby Poopingare in order to the Brianne & the Matthew, daughter & son_in_law of the Ronald. They're having a baby. I have no details but we've just found out she's pregnant. That's always mighty swell news. The world needs more kids. I only get to see these characters very rarely in person so I reckon I shall have to congratulate them indirectly. Whether things will be in pink or blue I have no idea.

Cold Continues

It's still cold out. The library's very quiet, not like Copiague's dysfunctional library. California Cathleen hasn't been available for any e mail lately. My blogs are getting lots of traffic. KrissyKrissyKrissy appears to be getting gradually acclimated to life here in the sticks. She used to work in the same place I did in Bethpage but now is in Jim Thorpe. I'm back to reading Mansfield Park. Jane Austen was quite an expert at depicting real people & real life in general in literature. My computer still wins the slow poke award. Yesterday I entirely forgot to mention the other connection between today's W. & the '60's Landslide Lyndon: They're both from Texas.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cold Weather

The weather around here is getting more & more consistent with what I've always known to be the typical Pa. winter. Unfortunately, W. is sending (Like Landslide Lyndon in the 1960's with Viet Nam, W.'s hobby seems to be getting other people's kids killed for nothing) 21,000 more troops over to Iraq. See: for all the details. KrissyKrissyKrissy is back from visiting her kinfolk in N.Y. for a very little while. My computer, old as it is, is very aggravating & the company whose internet services I use only gives me ten hours a month so I'm in the library. I've been most certainly progressing with that Jane Austen book. I've never liked sports so I make up for it with all sorts of artsy fartsy interests.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gothic Melodrama

Last night I watched Return of the Vampire with Bela Lugosi & Nina Foch. This morning it snowed for a very short time before 7 a.m. Oddly, there wasn't a speck of ice on the windows although the temperature was in the low thirties. I really enjoy the radio stations around here. They all seem to play the stuff I've always liked. This morning I heard "The Loco Motion" by Grand Funk. The djs don't get me crazy. John Tesh has a program on 94.3 fm. He's a combination of Ask Heloise, Dear Abby/Ann Landers & other self help stuff but he plays mighty good music. I like these stations because I don't have to be bothered with anything the least bit new or trendy. I've started reading Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Elvis Uh Huh Uh Huh

Today is the King's birthday. I've never liked him anyway. The weather this morning was damp & rainy. By now, though, it's been getting much better. I've finally gotten down to the very last page of that RFK book. I have tons of books & The library I'm in now accepts donations. That's a good way for me to get rid of all the ones I've already read. Now that Christmas is over, I have to start losing weight. The sun goes down a minute later each night lately too so I'm happier by the day. Groundhog Day fast approaches & the famous groundhog it's named after lives someplace in Pa. A guy wrote a letter to the Citizens' Voice asking a good question I should like an answer to too: What makes groundhogs so special? My car has to be inspected before the end of this month.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Yes, folks, I'm online on a Sunday. Because I went to 5 p.m. Mass yesterday at Our Lady of Sorrows, I don't have to show up today though I'll most probably go to Latin Mass later at Child Jesus. I found a cartoon yesterday that I suppose my old economics professor, Robert Reganse of S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale, may get a kick out of. It depicts hell as one long economics seminar. Sundays around here are generally pretty droll. The newspapers around here are usually thicker than average & usually cost about $2.50 instead of $.75 for two of them. I can't say right now but I'm assuming the weather will be warmer than average as usual. I dug up some batteries for my dvd remote control. That was the highlight of last night for me.