Thursday, April 09, 2009


There was ice on the cars' windows this morning & the temperature was thirty degrees. It's absolutely unacceptable. I'm just about finished with that book on Marxism. I only have around sixteen pages to go. This weekend, being Easter, is going to be entirely too active for me but it will be quiet enjoyable too. There will be plenty of kin constantly hovering around. Lately all I've been doing is taking out garbage & going up & downstairs with laundry. It's boring but not bothering with it is even worse. Every time I turn on VH1 these days, they always seem to be showing their retrospective of one hit wonders of the 1980's. Unlike the crap that's on the radio now, the music from that era was usually pretty enjoyable. At its very best it was extremely good. New Wave was one of the best things to happen to pop music. Disco stunk & rap is pure poison. I can't handle all the grunge, etc. either.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


To my undying chagrin & insatiable disgust, it snowed for a little while this morning. Spring is here in name alone. Yesterday I went to Turkey Hill in Exeter for a full tank of gas & a half gallon_I got two quarts_of one per cent milk. I wanted two per cent but made a bit of a mistake. Gas prices have gone up a bit lately. After I left Turkey Hill I went over to the Dollar Store at the Midway in Wyoming to get some AA batteries. Jennifer's little daughter, Olivia Lynn, was born this morning. Congratulations to all the relevant kin. Now we are on the verge of the Paschal Triduum. Holy Thursday is tomorrow, followed by Good Friday, Holy Saturday & Easter. The Easter Season, starting Sunday, goes on for a full fifty days. I wish people would stop saying that "Happy Holidays" garbage. "Happy Easter" is absolutely the only acceptable thing to say. Today the library's parking lot was filled when I first showed up so I was forced to park in the Methodist church's parking lot next door.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Easter is only five days away. It promises to be quite a busy time. After a while I get sick & tired of all the food. Other than that, though, it's nice. Later today I should go for gas. My tank is getting seriously low. My car registration fee is paid now even though it's not due until the end of next month. There was something on it I couldn't figure out at first. After a few minutes though, I looked it up on the back of the form & it turned out to be really easy. There simply can't possibly be any legitimate excuse whatsoever for this endless winter garbage. It's always ice cold around here. Lately it seems as if I've been continuously busy with boring things. All I do is take out garbage & wash clothes. I just found out from pro_life activist, Norma McCorvey-we're on each other's Facebook friends lists-that Obama, the abortion president, has gotten all those letters from the Red Envelope project. That's really good news.

Monday, April 06, 2009


On Saturday I spent two hours, starting at around 10:00 a.m., helping with the spring cleaning at Child Jesus Church in Pittston. Yesterday, Palm Sunday, Uncle Frankie came over for supper. It was quite an active time both days. Today the weather is very bitter cold & raining. So far this spring stinks. It has given us significantly more very bad days than good. Maria called late yesterday afternoon. Mary Anne called last night too. The weekend was quite typical in that respect. I got a slight headache last night, the first in quite a while. I took a Motrin & it went away soon. Lately people have been putting up Easter decorations getting ready for the big day next Sunday. My father's big doctor's appointment is this morning over at the V.A. hospital. Lately I've been noticing that because of all the construction for the new bridge businesses in that little shopping center have been closing down. I may end up being forced to try to track down a new barber.