Saturday, May 23, 2009


All's been going quite well lately. The weather's been very nice so far except that I heard it may rain again tonight. I cut the grass this morning because the tractor broke down yesterday. That kind of work really makes me work up quite a sweat. I have to lector again at Mass this weekend. It's quite a pretty regular thing with me. Quite a while ago I lost my Marian pocket calendar. Last night I found it again so I have been transferring everything into it so I can use it regularly from now on. This morning I was forced to put up with the usual garbage while driving on Main Street in Pittston. As I passed the Sunoco gas station, not one but two losers drove right into it over the lane as I was passing by, as I had the right of way in the opposite lane. Memorial Day is Monday. From what I know of life around here, people seem to have a kind of tradition of visiting their dead in the graveyards.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I wonder why the lib

I wonder why the library's so quiet today


Yesterday turned out to be quite a typically droll day. Unfortunately Steve is still ill. I hope he's better for his birthday tomorrow. Uncle Frankie came over. As usual his visit wasn't terribly eventful, just a typical time. Today is Ascension Thursday so everybody has to make sure he gets a chance to show up at Mass sooner or later. It's a holy day of obligation. The meeting I was supposed to attend last night was cancelled so I ended up showing up at 7:00 Mass at O.L. Sorrows. Mary, who was officially supposed to lector, didn't show up so Howard grabbed me at the very last minute. I'm still reading all those books. I have to make sure I keep looking into the kinds of things they cover because I always seem to run into people who are very knowledgeable about certain things & who want to carry on big intense conversations. Under those circumstances everyone has to make quite sure he's prepared to think fast.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The weather has been warming up lately. There was a bad rainstorm a few nights ago, & mornings are cooler than I like them but all otherwise goes well. Unfortunately gas prices have been going through the roof yet again over the course of the past few weeks but yesterday, our abortion_crazed president, Obama, promised to get something done about it. He intends to get cars up to 35 m.p.g. & trucks to 30 m.p.g. I shall be hoping for the very best. Today is the fiftieth birthday of yet another high school homeroom friend, Ed. I wish him a happy day. Tonight there will be yet another meeting of the young (ahem) adult group at O.L. Mt. Carmel in Pittston. So far, unless anything unforeseen happens, I shall be there. Memorial Day is coming up next Monday. I've always been in the habit of getting it confused with Labor Day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Uncle Frankie showed up for a while yesterday. My mother talked to Bridget on the phone & Steve was still in bed with the flu. Today's election day around here. It's mostly a local thing. To my chagrin I haven't been bothering to keep track of things so I can't vote. This brings us to yet another of the several things I've never been able to stand about this area. Although the scenery in this general area has always been so especially nice, the blithering idiots who are involved with politics make it absolutely horrible looking. They pollute the view with all sorts of posters & placards advertising for the politicians. It's tacky, crude, gross & vulgar. Yesterday I made sure I spent a while at Barnes & Noble next door to the Wyoming Valley Mall. It's a good way to get exercise. I'm still reading all those books on Carmel & I've started reading yet another one about a Christian author's response to a recent book touting atheism. This morning's weather unfortunately was cold. Fortunately, though, it must be very much nicer by now. I've heard we can expect nice weather from now on. Yesterday I got my newsletter from St. John's Diocesan High School in West Islip. It's a fast easy way to keep up with what's going on at my old school.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The weekend worked out quite well. Yesterday my parents were going to invite Uncle Frankie for supper but were too worn out. My mother talked to Fran on the phone for a while. I watched "The Dead Zone" with Anthony Michael Hall on channel 11 very late last night after all my favorite reruns. I don't usually bother with current shows but this one's kind of like "The Twilight Zone". Earlier in the day, I also watched a little of Barack Obama's(the abortion president's)appearance at Notre Dame. The people in charge of that school should be hanging their heads in absolute shame for allowing him there. I give credit to the pro_lifers who boo.ed him. They could have been a bit more polite though. I went to an unusually short Holy Name Society meeting last night. All worked out well. As usual, Fr. Walsh wasn't there. Jerry made hot dogs with chili. I got some soda & potato chips, onions & a pickle with mine. Like the Carmelite meeting the HNS meeting had unusually good attendance this month. There won't be another one until September.