Saturday, May 03, 2008


Other than a spring shower late in the day on Thursday the weather's been nice lately. Mornings are cool & the rest of the day's nice & warm. Things have been going by quite calmly these days. Unfortunately Karen still needs quite a whole lot of attention. Everybody's been most certainly keeping extremely close track of her. Yesterday I read more of that book of essays by John Henry Cardinal Newman. My father & Uncle Frankie didn't go to a game last night. I don't have any idea of exactly what their schedule is for that kind of a thing. This weekend I don't have to lector at Mass. I usually end up going to 5:00 Mass on Saturday on weekends like this. I just got gas this morning over in Pittston. The prices around here these days are absolutely obscene. I got a copy of the Wanderer newspaper today. There's an article about Obama in it that describes how his fans are a lot like people in the sixties who wanted change at all costs & didn't care about history, progress, consequences or any other circumstances. The author cited Bernardine Dohrn & the radical left wing organization the Weathermen as the most notorious of Obama's precursors. I shall have to go back to the paper later to see exactly what it says. I just read in the Citizen's Voice yesterday that Davy Jones of the Monkees is going to be coming to Wilkes Barre pretty soon.

Friday, May 02, 2008


I lectored for Father Walsh at 5:00 Mass yesterday. Laura couldn't make it so Mary covered for her. It's just like O.L.P.H. only with fewer lectors & only one priest. Eddie knows what I'm referring to. There weren't many people in the pews. Fran called yesterday. Uncle Frankie showed up too. It's all so typical. He said that he's heard lately that a lot of people have been having pretty good luck these days with those job fairs I've been going to lately. My mother called Dottie last night. Rose called this morning. I can't stand the phone but it most certainly gets quite a whole lot of mileage these days. All has been going well so far for KrissyKrissyKrissy & Natalie. The weather's still nice but cool today. There's nothing going on this weekend. I don't have any lectoring to do & nothing else I know of is on my schedule either. As usual I try to keep on reading as much as possible. Lately I've been reading a bunch of essays by the soon_to_be_beatified John Henry Cardinal Newman. Lately there must be some kind of a resurgence of interest in Henry VIII. I noticed that yesterday "A Man For All Seasons" was on TCM. This morning "Anne of The Thousand Days" was on Encore. Yesterday I got my newsletter from my local KofC council.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Welcome to our new month of May. It's the month of Mother's Day on the eleventh. St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School, over in West Islip, N.Y. will be having the annual Family Feast from May 14 through May 18. That's my school. I've always missed being able to go to S.J.B's feast. I really used always to enjoy working at those things. I have no past around here. Mary Anne called once yesterday & again early this morning. All's been going well over there these days. The computers in this library have been fixed. Whatever was going on yesterday is over. I filled out my form for my car registration this morning. It's boring but it has to be done. Somehow I messed up & got the impression I was supposed to lector at 7:00 Mass last night. I really have 5:00 today. That's about typical for me. Gas prices are getting more obscene by the second these days. Lately they've been up to $3.59.9 around here with no known end in sight to all the garbage. Yesterday my father got one of those direction finders for his car. Everybody's been raving about them for at least around the past year. So far it seems to be working out quite well. He hasn't gotten a chance to use it to go anyplace just yet but it was very easy for me to set it up.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This morning I mowed the lawn. It's boring but that's exactly why it's better to get it over with than to let it go. After that I went over to the McDonald's on Wyoming Avenue in Wyoming & got a free Egg McMuffin & coffee with milk & sugar. That was in order to take advantage of the coupon I got the last time I gave blood. The deadline was the end of June. I've never been crazy about McDonald's but hey a freebie's a freebie. When I went over to Wyoming's library Barbara came out for a minute & made sure she told me there was something wrong with the computers & John couldn't come in until around 11:00 as usual. As I went back to my car, I ended up having to explain things to yet another of the regulars. He & I both came over here to the Hoyt Library. Uncle Frankie showed up for a visit yesterday so we made sure we told him all about our trip to the job interview on Monday. I still haven't heard from either of those jobs so I'll just have to keep plugging. The weather was warmer yesterday afternoon than it started out. It was somewhat cool this morning too but seems to be going in the same direction. Yesterday I did some more reading. I finished that Sigrid Undset book & got back to the Chekhov play. I even read some essays from "Travels With Dr. Death" by Ron Rosenbaum, the famous N.Y. journalist from the Village Voice. It's a book filled with all sorts of essays about all sorts of twentieth century controversies involving death. It covers everybody from JFK to Hitler. Tomorrow's Ascension Thursday so either tonight or tomorrow I shall have to go to Mass.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yesterday marked my second full year in Pa. I spent a long part of it at a job interview at Baby Age. My father drove me over because at first I expected it to be confusing for me. Uncle Frankie was right about its being around the general area of Luzerne County's Community College. Of course, as always, we got there absolutely obscenely early. I've practically never been there before. It turned out to be a fairly easy trip though. There are a few ways to get there. They need a copywriter. I met Heather & she introduced me to one of the top bosses who interviewed me. First they made me take a test. I ended up having to write ads, on Microsoft Word, for a couple of their products. The guy who interviewed me asked the inevitable standard interview questions. I went back & forth between not minding it & wanting to get it over with. The weather was cold & there was a drizzle on top of that. Today it's not raining but it's still entirely too cold for spring. I haven't heard anything so far from that other interview over in Kingston. They may not have made any kind of a decision just yet.