Friday, July 06, 2007


This Sunday is the big party for Tina's high school graduation. She'll be going to S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale. I hope, for everybody's sake, that none of my old teachers notice any connection between us. Jennifer sent out a few very nice looking pictures from the recent Fourth of July. Danny has a site but so far all the pictures on it are still from previous functions. I should suppose these things take a while. Yesterday I got my copy of the Tidings from my Lindenhurst KofC council. They're still keeping busy over there. Jim has passed the torch to Gene as grand knight. I see Cathleen from California is on her way to Bakersfield to visit her mother whose birthday is tomorrow. So is Ringo Starr's. Happy birthday to both of them. Yet another Russian looker has been sending me mail lately. They're quite a bunch of scam.meisters(mistresses, technically). Her name is Yulija.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


This morning was awfully foggy. The weather out here lately has been driving me stark raging bananas. My father drove Bridget to her camp this morning & didn't seem to have any trouble getting back & forth. She seems to be having quite an enjoyable time over there. It's a holy roller camp & they're very strict about all sorts of things. I went there once & saw the outside of the place. In that area it's all mountainous. It's one of those kinds of places where they seem to think it's tres gauche to live within a thirty mile radius of a gas station. Uncle Frankie came over with (what in Sam Hill else is new?) candy last night. Pretty soon I shall most certainly have to get back to all my walking again. In a few more days we shall all be on our way back to Massapequa for Tina's big graduation party. It will be very nice for me to be able to see my old stomping grounds again. Yesterday, I watched an all_day
Twilight Zone
marathon. That's the really groovy thing about holidays. There always seems to be something interesting on.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Happy anniversary this week to Elaine & George, Karen & Tony, & Larry & Rose(today). My headache is finally gone. The weekend was quite swell. I got all sorts of invitations to visit the kinfolk. Joey & Liz's dogs took quite a whole lot of getting used to but they weren't all that dangerous or anything. Vinnie & Danielle rambled on quite incessantly about teaching, martial arts, police work etc. Vinnie kept showing people the proper use of a gun. Unfortunately, some vegetable puffs appear to have been recalled because of salmonella. None of us can recall having eaten any of them though. Yesterday I waited until Vinnie left before I did. Richie & his young uns, & Alan, Kim & David left this morning.

Monday, July 02, 2007


The long, hot, fattening weekend is finally over with. Right now I have an extremely seriously annoying headache. Anna Maria went to Perkins with Mark & Frankie & their families. Somehow when they all went into the restaurant, she didn't end up getting out of the car in time & got locked into it for about a half hour. That's the wildest story of the entire weekend. They went back to the parking lot & found her trying to get out. I stayed until after 3:00 p.m. today. As soon as Vinnie finally left, I got moving. He & I went to Perkins this morning & got pancakes for breakfast. Amazingly, unlike most years, I went away without significant sunburn this time around. Alan told me that he knows a guy from that sixties band that recorded the mellow hit, "Oh How Happy". Even now they tour all over the place. I've always really liked that song.