Saturday, March 07, 2009


I got a call last night from Bob from the Holy Name Society. He told me a couple of times this week about the bishop's day of prayer at the Oblates' Seminary in Lafflin. Last night he called to remind me of it too. Yesterday was his fifty fifth birthday. Cousin Java, currently living in Florida, sent us an e mail recently to remind us that Leonard, the very oldest of our cousins, will be turning seventy on March 12. That's very good news considering what so many of my relatives have been through lately. Lately I have an extremely seriously annoying cough. It really bothers me. I'm not in any pain but the aggravation is enough to drive anybody nuts. I have to lector at 5:00 Mass today. Of course I'm covering for Mary. She has foot troubles. This weekend we get the time change. I've always really enjoyed this time of year much better. Early sunsets & gloomy nights, for some strange reason, have always bothered me.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Last night I managed to stay up late enough to see "Burn Notice". It was the season finale. As always it was quite an annoying experience for me because I've never enjoyed staying up late. The only thing on my schedule this weekend is yet another turn to lector tomorrow at 5:00 Mass. This time I have to cover for Mary. A rousing happy birthday goes out to Brianne this month. Hers was March 1. Of course, because it's Friday, we shan't be eating any meat today. That's usually pretty easy for me although I've most certainly always enjoyed meat. Once again I'm trying to talk to Doriana. She told me about her husband & son. The weather has been getting close to spring_like lately. This morning when I first left, it was about forty degrees which is very warm for the mornings around here lately.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


The nice time of the year is on its way, slowly but surely. Spring & summer have always been my very favorite seasons. Tonight, "Burn Notice" will be on again. Shall I be able to watch it? I just noticed last night that "The Office" is on at 10:00 p.m. too. I absolutely despise staying up late. Yesterday I finished reading yet another fifty pages of "Vanity Fair". My cough, although it has yet to get entirely out of control, has yet to go away. It's noticeable & aggravating. At least I haven't gotten the drastic kinds of colds & flu that very many others have gotten lately. My new Italian friend, Doriana, has been getting me crazy lately. She's exceptionally talkative & doesn't speak a word of English. I cheat a lot with a translation site I know of. Tomorrow's Bill's fifty fifth birthday. All I know about him is that we're both in the Holy Name Society.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


March is here. It's a miserable month but it has a nice reputation because it portends the very beginning of spring. Because the weather will be soon getting very much nicer I shall have to start walking from then on. When I came home from Buffalo I had a really annoying headache that came back in the middle of the night after I went to bed. I'm feeling much better now. St. Patrick's Day & the Feast of St. Joseph are both coming up this month. They're only two days apart. Yesterday I finished "The Power & The Glory" & started re_reading Thackeray's "Vanity Fair". To my chagrin it's over eight hundred pages long with very small print. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday. He only stuck around for a little while. Lately I've been trying to keep in touch with my cousin (?)Doriana in Italy. The language barrier gets me crazy. She speaks no English & I don't know enough Italian to keep things going very well.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


On Sunday morning, at around 7:45 a few cousins & I left from Hilldale to go to Karen's funeral in Buffalo. Under nicer circumstances it would have been an enjoyable trip, just the usual collection of entirely mismatched personalities. We stopped a few times at rest stops & relaxed a while. The weather was nice there but too cold & windy. There was a very bad blizzard on Long Island too. The wake & funeral were both very long & very sad. My claustrophobia, not surprisingly, kicked in. Because I used to spend a lot of Thanksgivings there a long time ago, I had to say hello to lots of my cousins' friends. We spent a lot of time hanging around together in those days. It's very hard to believe that March is upon us. After a few more weeks of bad weather, we shall be able to count on some mighty nice springtime sunshine up ahead. Photobucket