Saturday, December 15, 2007


This morning I went back to Wilkes_Barre for our monthly Carmelite meeting. Sister Catherine gave each of us a Christmas present. Unfortunately we no longer have enough active members. Anne told us that Pope Benedict XVI is supposed to go to Yankee Stadium in April. I saw Pope John Paul II at Aqueduct Racetrack in the 1990's. All_I should say, technically, both_my Christmas cards have been sent out. My exhaustingly long list of snail mail connections took all of most probably five entire minutes to finish. E mail(internet in general, I should say) reigns supreme as my preferred means of communication. Don't even THINK of getting me started on my opinion of the phone. Today on my way home, some stark raging idiot ran a light on a turn when I (who had the right of way)was going straight on South Street. A for really & for truly moron was he. There's supposed to be a major blizzard starting tonight at around 8:00 p.m. The priest at Mass today said nobody knows exactly how it's going to turn out though. I have to lector at 10:00 a.m. Mass tomorrow but who knows if I'll even be able to make it. Uncle Frankie's been back up & around again lately. Usually he comes over for at least a little while most days. Last night I went to a Divine Mercy cenacle at St. Joseph's Church in Port Griffith.

Friday, December 14, 2007


I couldn't get out through the blizzard much of yesterday. My father, Uncle Frankie, Big Gino & I all went to work plowing the snow. It was quite an annoying time but it all worked out. Last winter's weather stunk & I'm most certainly not looking forward to yet another trouncing. When I went to the post office to mail one of my Christmas cards, there was a bit of a line. The pregnant woman right behind me reminded us of the big Valentine's Day blizzard from last winter. Reruns of "The Twilight Zone" were on for a few hours yesterday. I couldn't help noticing that a lot of the faces are very familiar from those days, but I hardly recognize any of the names. Ann Jillian(from "It's A Living", James Best(from "The Dukes of Hazzard" & Sandy Kenyon are fairly well known names though. "I Love Lucy" was another show I watched last night. I've just read Charles Krauthammer's column, in the Washington Post, about how Romney, Obama, & Huckabee have made what he purports are entirely unacceptable references to religion in the public square. He's right about there always having been an awfully lot of confusion among people, throughout this country's history, about establishment & free exercise. He cited a quote from each of them. Each of the lines he noted, though, struck me as quite commendable. The only problem is that we're dealing with a country where all sorts of people have all sorts of points of view.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's miserable outside all day, every day. Carole, my old supervisor, & her husband Bob, sent me my very first Christmas card of 2007. I got it yesterday. Grace, Daren's mother, inevitably sends one too. I'll most probably get hers soon. Those are the only cards I get from snail mail connections each year. Everybody else's comes by way of cybermail. The Beatles' old hairdresser, Betty Glasow, sold a lock of John Lennon's hair for $48,000. Merriam_Webster has picked the word "W00t", which was used in the Julia Roberts movie, "Pretty Woman", as its official Word of the Year. It's a combination of both letters & numbers. It appears that Gael, one of my California connections, is turning out to be quite the popular poet. I've let my sidekicks on Myspace & Newblog check out a few of her poems & they're all quite favorably impressed by The Bard of the Pacific. Hey, a guy never knows what an old long_ago friend will be up to. Lately, I've been watching "I Love Lucy" quite consistently at least twice a day. Current TV shows just don't have what it takes. With the old stuff, reruns or no reruns, it's always really interesting. Even the first time around though, most shows just don't impress me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today's still cold but much nicer than yesterday. Rocco told me this morning that he's only available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays so he wants me to lector on the other days. I'm quite happy with that. Because it was a reasonably nice morning, the newspaper machine was working. Last night I ate a couple of hamburgers from Burger King. As much as I enjoy occasionally getting stuff from places like that, it's very bad for the health. Another problem with it is that I have a tendency to wolf down, compulsively, whenever they happen to be around, things I wouldn't even so much as think of going out of my way to get. One good thing I've been noticing lately is that the price of gas has been dropping quite a bit. At most stations around here these days, it's dropped by at least a dime a gallon. Lately I've been listening to a CD I have of the seventies soft rock band Poco. Of all the very many songs on it, the only ones I remember are "In the Heart of the Night", "Crazy Love" & "Call It Love". They originally wanted to be named Pogo but Walt Kelly, who drew the Pogo cartoon, put the knish on that. By rambling on about these things constantly, do I ever show my age or what? >

Monday, December 10, 2007


Last night I watched, on the History Channel, a really interesting special about 1968 with Tom Brokaw. Unfortunately, since it started at 9:00 I only ended up seeing the first hour of it up until the Martin Luther King assassination in April. I most certainly have all the rest of the year quite well memorized by now though. It started out with the Viet Nam War, specifically the Tet Offensive on January 30 & 31. There were all sorts of things on the show that appealed to my long_standing sixties obsession. I've always been especially fond of the music from that era. Because of that, I've become, over the course of my lifetime, quite interested in the entire era in general. Quite a lot of the trouble we're in these days comes very largely from that era. Liberalism, excessive obsession with youth, & a general degradation of our entire culture & way of life came out of that era. At 7:30 I went to the Holy Name Society's monthly meeting. Unfortunately, Fr. Walsh couldn't make it but most of the regulars showed up. At the end, we ate ziti,(thank you, Jerry) & drank port wine & beer. I told everybody about my N.Y. cousin whose wife's family makes really good Italian wine. The weather's been an absolute nightmare lately with bitter icy cold, fog & rain. My Blog friend, Cindi, is having a nice time with 71 degree weather over in Va. Because of icy road conditions south of Rte 80 yesterday, in an area that included Jim Thorpe, the Latin Mass was cancelled. They couldn't tell us, though, because nobody had a list of names & phone numbers. Today I ended up having to get a new tire & headlight. My mother & Aunt Lauren went shopping for a while on Saturday afternoon. Uncle Frankie & Fran came over for quite a while on Saturday night. >