Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday's weather was miserable but today seems to be better so far. Mary Anne called last night. She's been a little ill lately. I don't have to lector this weekend so that's a nice change. Unfortunately Fr. Walsh's sister_in_law recently died of cancer. She lived in Reading. She was only my age. There was a notice about it at O.L. Sorrows this morning. My mother called Dottie yesterday. She seems to be doing well these days. I'm still reading that big book on Marxism. At this rate I should be finished with it in about two weeks if I read the same number of pages each day. Once again, because it's a Friday, we're not allowed to eat any meat today. That's no big deal for me. I can always improvise with quite a whole lot of other kinds of food. I have an eclectic enough appetite that anything can keep me quite happy. I don't like to eat too much at any one time though. For some reason I've yet to bother to get that Old Forge pizza I ordered a few weeks ago from Tom.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Uncle Frankie showed up for a while yesterday. As far as I know nothing of any significance has been going on with him lately. Of course, as usual he made sure he showed up with candy. Unfortunately it's quite seriously fattening, & bad in very many other ways. I made sure I ate it anyway. My Facebook compulsion has gotten entirely out of control lately. It's very good in some ways to be involved with this site, but it appeals to all sorts of extremely seriously weird interests of mine. The weather this morning wasn't very bad when I first left. It was just cold & cloudy. On my way home, though, it was raining. I hope it gets better later on in the day. I'm still reading the big book about Marxism. It gets progressively more interesting each time I pick it up. As always nothing much of note is on TV these days so I make sure I watch only a few game shows & short bits of certain shows.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Nothing much has been happening lately. A couple of days ago I got my notice that I have to renew my car's registration at the end of May. At least we know they can be most certainly counted on not to be a bunch of procrastinators at the DMV around here. As always the phone rang off the hook yesterday & last night. This is absolutely unacceptable. I've never been able to handle anything about the phone. Yesterday I read quite a bit more of that book about Marxism. It's not even the least bit easy to read, but it's quite interesting. Once again I went food shopping yesterday & did some laundry too. On top of that this morning I cleaned up a little & got the clothes out of the dryer. Unfortunately that's pretty much the veritable pinnacle of an exciting time around here. Pretty soon we shall have to bluff our way through April Fool's Day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Officially spring is here, but lately the weather has been begrudging us any warmth although it's not raining or snowing. My father went to the doctor yesterday. His arthritis is out of control. As always lately the phone rang off the hook. Among others, Mary Anne & Aunt Lauren both called. For some reason, the Citizen's Voice machine over on Sixth Street was empty this morning. I usually like to get it over there instead of Unimart on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I went food shopping Sunday & yesterday. Yesterday, besides more food, I ended up getting a book of stamps because I needed one for my Knights of Columbus dues. On Sunday I inadvertently ended up getting a head of Savoy cabbage. It's one of the best kinds but it's more expensive than average cabbage. Yesterday I finished re_reading "Vile Bodies" & made sure I got back to the very large book I have about Marxism. I have to read books like that because I have a hard time keeping up with all my left wing egghead connections if I don't at least understand their currents of thought.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I covered for Laura again on Saturday at 5:00 Mass. They seem to have all the same problems here as at O.L.P.H. Lately the weather's still been colder than I like it. Uncle Frankie showed up a few times over the weekend. As always he called to complain to my father yesterday about troubles he's been having with his cable TV. Bob called early in the morning yesterday about the meeting at the Oblates' Seminary next Saturday. Mary Anne called too. Robin will be showing up for a visit very soon. A lot of people went over to New York this past weekend for Jennifer's baby shower. I hope it worked out really well for one & all. Gary called last night too. He wanted to know how my father's been feeling lately. There was a blackout on Saturday morning. Those things are awfully aggravating. It affected all the general area of the Wyomings. It wasn't so bad. I've seen many that were much worse. I spent the day in Wilkes_Barre anyway so I didn't care.