Saturday, April 25, 2009


The library was closed yesterday because John, the librarian, was unavoidably forced to go someplace work related. The Hoyt Library was closed too because of something that's going on with a new extension to their grounds. I went to Barnes & Noble. That's always been one of my very favorite places. Borders is even better but it's way over in Scranton. Today we wish a very happy first birthday to Natalie, Krissykrissykrissy's daughter. Woody Allen's movies have always been among my very favorites. Yesterday I saw "Bananas" again. I couldn't help noticing a lot of familiar faces who were in it. I just noticed that Pp. Benedict XVI will be canonizing my fellow Carmelite, Bl. Nuno Alvares Pereira (1360_1431) tomorrow. The Portuguese Religious will be among several blesseds who will be canonized in tomorrow's consistory. The temperature should be in the eighties today & I shall really be looking forward to it. Yesterday I got three letters from the blood drive people. On May 6, 7 & 8 there will be blood drives in the area. I get my pick this time. Two are in Pittston & one in Exeter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not much has been happening lately around here. Mary Anne called last night with all the latest news from New York. Fortunately I've noticed lately that I haven't been getting any headaches these days. Yesterday I took a short Spanish quiz on the foreign language site, Livemocha. Amazingly I got most of the questions right. Last night I ate an apple. I have no idea why. I've most certainly not, recently anyway, been in the habit of eating fruit. I must have gotten stricken by an impulse from out of nowhere. Cathleen just told me that the weather in California is 96 degrees today. I heard on the Weather Channel yesterday that the western U.S. has been going through quite a warm spell these days. Today's weather is quite nice but yesterday's was one of our entirely too frequent miserable days. Yesterday I started re_reading "The Living Flame Of Love" by St. John of the Cross. That could come in quite handy at the Carmelite meetings one of these days.

Monday, April 20, 2009


It was a very nice weekend. The Carmelite meeting was quite uneventful. Unfortunately Sister Catherine is no longer with us. She has been transferred & we may have to think of moving somewhere else from now on. The library was closed so immediately after the meeting I went to Barnes & Noble at the Hub in Wilkes_Barre. I got a copy of Woody Allen's "Vicky Christina Barcelona" & a book by a famous cardinal. Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday so the churches were all very busy all over the world. Uncle Frankie showed up a few times over the course of the weekend. I lectored at 5:00 Mass on Saturday. In the Citizen's Voice on Saturday I noticed that some black guy had been picked up in Amityville, N.Y. for having committed murder in Plains a while ago. Last night's Holy Name Society meeting went as well as usual. Nothing distinctive happened. Unfortunately today is the tenth anniversary of the Columbine Massacre. It was primarily an attack on Christians, a symptom of the main obsessive priority of our times. The weather absolutely stinks to day. So far it's been very cold & raining although it's been very nice lately.