Monday, August 02, 2010


August has always been quite an especially big month for birthdays among my relatives. Yesterday was Jamie's birthday. He's my cousin Alan's son in Michigan. Today is Fran's & Elaine's birthday. They're both cousins too. Yesterday my parents & I all went to Uncle Frankie's house for a party for Fran. Immediately after the party, though, she was forced to go home because it's such a long trip for her. I lectored at 10:30 Mass yesterday at O.L. Sorrows. It's nice to see that Rocco's back on the schedule. On Saturday night there was a big fund raiser put on by the local firemen. I didn't bother to show up. Everyone at Mass yesterday wondered why I wasn't there. Gino & Michelle, Uncle Frankie & Fran went there for a while & they too were surprised that I never bothered with it. The big annual Tomato Festival in Pittston is also coming up this month. I should suppose that life as we know it will cease completely if I dare to pass that one up. It's been raining intermittently around here these days. We haven't gotten enough though. On Friday night I saw "Rosemary's Baby" & on Saturday night I saw "Dr. Doolittle". They were both really famous when I was a kid.