Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yesterday was Jim & Lori's silver wedding anniversary. Jim & I were really good friends as kids. I hope it was a really happy day for them. Sunday was David's birthday. He's cousin Alan's son. Today is Mike's birthday. He & I were classmates in high school. We can wish a very happy birthday to them both. Barbara called a few days ago about some details that have to be straightened out for the Carmelites' records. There has been a lot of confusion with them lately. I got in touch with John & Marie from New York. They could only tell me when my date of profession was. The weather has been getting amazingly nice around here & this coming weekend we shall even be back to daylight savings time. There's still very little snow on the ground but otherwise all bodes well. I'm still playing my guitar on a regular basis. Those magazines help quite a lot.