Saturday, December 05, 2009


Yesterday was a little on the confusing side for me. On Thursday, at St. John's Church in Pittston, I found an ad for a book sale to benefit the Pittston Library. I didn't bother to pay enough attention to the details so I got the idea that Barnes & Noble people would be at the library. When I got there the librarian told me that the sale was at Barnes & Noble at the Hub in Wilkes_Barre. This morning before 7:30 Mass at O.L. Mt. Carmel I noticed that someone was inside the little store next to the gas station. When I went inside to get a paper after Mass the woman who was there said she & her husband are the new owners. It only closed down for a short time. This is my second day in a row without a headache. Those cluster migraines get me crazy. They've been threatening us with snow lately. I'm not looking forward to it. I shall be lectoring at 5:00 Mass today. That's not exactly news for me. Today's Amanda's birthday. She's my cousin Alan's daughter in law in Michigan.

Friday, December 04, 2009


Today was the first time in a while that I didn't end up getting a headache very early in the morning. At least that's some good news. For a few days I shall try not to do very much reading. Sometimes if someone reads too much it can give him violent headaches. I can practice my guitar more to make up for it. My parents called Uncle Frankie yesterday to see if he wanted to go shopping with them. They spent a few hours at Target. All the liberal politically correct garbage has, of course, started already. Every day we hear people saying the infinitely ugly, unacceptable "Happy holidays" instead of the much more worthy "Merry Christmas". This afternoon there will be a book sale, sponsored by Barnes & Noble, at the Pittston Library. It will last from 2:00 until 7:00. Of course, it's time for yet another Friday dance.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Starting late yesterday it was absolutely pouring out. It lasted until early this morning. The last time I went out it was really nice. Oddly that was the first time all season I wore a hat. Yet again I got a headache in the middle of the night. Excedrin got rid of it this morning though. I got a call from Mary last night. She noticed that there was some confusion on our schedule. It said something different from what the bulletin said about who was supposed to lector this weekend. At first I thought I'd made a mistake when I noticed the same thing but she agreed that there was a misprint. We got it all straightened out. Last night there should have been a meeting at O.L. Mt. Carmel church but it was cancelled in advance because of something that was going on at the parish.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Now that December's here the weather's been getting a little on the cold side. Unfortunately winter approaches. It's now only nineteen days away. I got yet another headache at around 1:00 this morning. I took an Excedrin for it & it went away very soon. Somehow I keep getting headaches lately. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. He wanted to see something in Sunday's paper. My parents were gone grocery shopping when he first showed up. I'm still practicing my guitar each day. Yesterday I ate a kiwi. I've eaten a few pieces of kiwi before, every once in a while. This was the very first time, though, that I've ever picked one up & just eaten it from out of nowhere without someone's having previously sliced it up as part of a meal or something. Dave showed up for a while this morning. He was driving his mother's car. She's out of the hospital. I have to lector at 5:00 Mass on Saturday. Hunting season around here started on Monday. That's about a week later than it starts in New York.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I got yet another headache in the middle of the night. The last one was on the right. This one's on the left. It went away a little while ago. Bad things always seem to happen to me when the weather changes. It's very cold & rainy today. I completely forgot my wallet when I left to go to Mass. I was afraid I might get stopped by a policeman on the way home but nothing ever happened. My parents both were going nuts this morning trying to remember the names of all the Lennon Sisters from Lawrence Welk's old show. Today Dianne Lennon turns seventy years old. December is now upon us. Christmas is only a little over three weeks away. It gets me crazy that all the carols & decorations get started so soon because it takes a lot away from the way things are really supposed to be. Don't even get me started on all the liberal crap we shall be expected to put up with. I'm still reading "The Possessed".

Monday, November 30, 2009


Yesterday was a bit quieter than the past few days. Unfortunately I woke up with a fairly violent headache. Pills didn't work. The weather's very bad today. I woke up to an annoying rainstorm. It's been cold, windy & foggy all day so far. I went to Pittston, to Child Jesus Church, for the 10:00 a.m. Mass yesterday. It was the first time I'd been there in a while. I spoke to my nephew Michael a little while ago on Facebook. He said he enjoyed that concert Saturday night. My parents started putting up the Christmas decorations early this morning. To do that they were forced to take down all the Thanksgiving decorations. Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of the death of Beatle George. The History Channel showed a special about the Beatles. Even though I've already seen those kinds of shows at least a billion times over by now, it was really interesting. Yesterday was Gino & Michelle's twelfth anniversary & her parents' fortieth.