Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday went quite well. Uncle Frankie showed up for a while. There doesn't seem to be anything interesting going on with him lately. He & my father are supposed to go to a big game tonight. They got the tickets, & McDonald's coupons, from Fran a while ago. I made sure I spent even more time practicing my guitar & reading that book about Marxism yesterday. Last night, I ate a fudgesicle. It was the very first time, in quite a while, that I'd eaten one. It was most certainly no big deal, just plain average chocolate. I've tasted better in my lifetime. This morning, right after 7:30 Mass at O.L. Mt. Carmel I made sure I stopped for gas at the gas station right next door. The gas over there is about twenty cents less expensive than it was only around a week ago. For whatever reason, the price has been steadily dropping lately. Today at 5:00 I have to lector at Mass. I just got a surprise from Mark, from my old KofC council 794 over in Lindenhurst. The guy has never even so much as sent me a single e mail, even for the sake of a bad joke, since I left New York & now he wants us to be on each other's friends lists at the Reunion website. It sounds good by me. I'm just plum confused about it all. Mark's always been quite a confusing sort in general anyway though.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Today's our first full day, so far, without rain. It's especially nice with a cool gentle breeze. Yesterday I got back to that book about Marxism. I'd neglected it for a while. If I don't get moving on it, considering how long it is, I shall never get to finish it. Some of it can be more than a little on the dry side. I've studied economics a bit so I recognized the names of David Ricardo & Adam Smith. I also did a whole lot of practicing guitar scales. It can get very annoying after a while but it's a necessary evil. Maybe it's just my imagination but the whole things seems so much easier now than ever before. Today is Friday, time for our official Friday dance. So far the weekend doesn't seem to have anything particularly interesting in store for anybody. I have to lector at 5:00 Mass tomorrow but that's most certainly not all that big of a jolt for me by now. My mother called Mary Anne last night. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly big going on with them these days. I didn't see Uncle Frankie yesterday but knowing him he may have shown up when I wasn't around.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last night & this morning there was yet another violent rainstorm. Now the weather is very nice, cool & breezy. I've been noticing lately that gas prices have gotten substantially less expensive than they've been in quite a long while around here. Let's just hope our lucky streak can be counted on to last. It seems entirely too good to be true. The reason I haven't been using this blog much lately is because it's usually difficult to get into. It's often blocked. Under those circumstances I go to either my Myspace blog, Wordpress, Blogster or one of my others. Oddly, I have entirely too many. Yesterday I went right back to my guitar & practiced all those scales & Beatle songs. I keep improving, I should most certainly hope. I spent a while reading a book about St. John of the Cross too. I read something a while ago that said that there's a Sanjuanist influence in Emily Dickinson's poetry. From what I know of Dickinson, she could really identify with the idea of the Dark Night of the Soul. The book I read yesterday said that there was a lot of his influence in T.S. Eliot's poetry too. Unfortunately, I've never read much of anything by Eliot. As usual I watched "I Love Lucy" & "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" yesterday & last night I even tried to call in & ask a question on that show with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. but they didn't put me on. A few days ago, Fran asked why I never bother with new shows. I really didn't even have the satisfaction of any kind of an answer for her. Modern pop culture just bugs the hell out of me.