Saturday, January 20, 2007

Exactly Two More Years & W's Gone

Two years from today & we shall have ushered in a brand spankin' new big guy. For all of you who are sick and tired of W's warmongering murderous ways-very many even rank him as perhaps the very worst president ever in U.S. history-we shall finally & at last have an overwhelmingly welcome respite by then. Today was my big monthly Carmelite meeting. It snowed in the middle of the night but I had a really easy time getting there anyway. My headache took quite a while to go away. The big Roe v. Wade anniversary will be here on Monday. Thirty four years of infant_torturing at the rate of 4,400 murdered children per day hasn't done us any good at all. Many people will be going to Washington, D.C. & local churches that day. Twice I went to St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan. KrissyKrissyKrissy was sick today & couldn't go to work. There's an awfully big bug going around here these days and getting people very violently ill.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bad Day

After a long night of lousy sleep I now have an extremely seriously annoying headache. Tomorrow I have to go to my Wilkes_Barre Carmelite meeting. Believe it or not, this morning I, hardly known as breakfast boy, ate a nice hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs. I ended up going to bed for around an hour thinking it would make me feel better & I even took a pill but I still feel lousy. Today's not as cold as some days but it has a bit of a nip to it. The big news flash of the day is Uncle Frankie's talking piggy bank. It turns out that KrissyKrissyKrissy & I knew quite a whole lot of the same people at Bethpage.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Very Old Classic Movies

Last night I saw_again_Casablanca, with its all_star cast & all_cliche dialogue, as well as Alfred Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent. Unfortunately, they kept me up until past midnight_never a bright move, if you get my drift. It was quite worth all the trouble though. KrissyKrissyKrissy is finally back from moocho overtime & N.Y. visit. The kinfolk say howdy. The weather is still bitter cold but at least it's legitimately winter. Groundhog Day fast approaches. Hey this is Pennsylvania we're messing with here. By Pa. standards, that's a right rip roarin' big deal. GO PHIL!!! I haven't seen any of the local kinfolk lately. They all live in West Wyoming, Pittston & Dallas. The Super Bowl is on its way but I don't like sports anyway. My KofC dues are in the envelope & ready to go into the mail. I can't let that go now, having already stuck with it for lo these pert near past fifteen(Great Caesar's Ghost!!) years.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Been Very Cold Lately

The last time I checked my e mail account, it said the temperature was 14 degrees Fahrenheit. These days it's been rather colder than average. Except for two people (Hi, John & Mary) no one else has commented on any plans that may be going on for our high school class's reunion. I've been in touch with people from both my high school & elementary school for the past few years, especially by way of the internet. In Lindenhurst, I always ran into people from school, but that was because I used to be able to count on seeing them in church at least on Sunday. Out here I don't have that advantage anymore so any reunions I can show up at would be greatly appreciated. My ten hours are up for my computer this month so I have to get everything over with at the library. Copiague's library always absolutely stunk & I can't possibly complain enough about them. Wyoming's is really quite groovy though. Cell phones, as well as phones in general, have always absolutely disgusted me and the phone_ignoramuses are always allowed to get out of control at Copiague, in spite of the perfunctory sign that says phones aren't allowed, but over here the phone rule is always very strictly enforced.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

St. John the Baptist Class of 1977

That's in West Islip, N.Y. I just got an e mail from a guy in my high school class (Hi, John) complaining that there's been no news of a reunion so far. Everyone in our class may now consider this an open invitation to get something done about it as soon as possible. We don't very often chance to get back in touch. Our fifteenth year never happened & 25 turned out to be only one night combined with the class of 1976. My old friends might just be surprised to see that I'm now back to wearing glasses again. I only wore them until three months into our freshman year so they're most certainly not exactly such a very big part of my teeny bopper image.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Holy Name Society Meeting

Last night I went to the Holy Name Society's meeting at Our Lady of Sorrows. It was a bit of a party too & I ended up eating a second entire meal while I was there. I won the 50/50 again. A guy from St. Joseph's where they don't have a H.N.S. wants to join ours & nobody really has any idea of what the by laws say about members from other parishes. I'm still very new over there, so I was forced to explain a lot. All my kinfolk are abuzz about the latest pregnancy. They always have to have something to get abuzz over & at least now it's something substantial & legitimate. The Ronald has to make two new coins because there's a wedding coming up too. It's icy cold & raining today. There's a big crowd because it's a holiday. California Cathleen surprised me by sending out an e mail. I'm still reading that Jane Austen book.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week Of Christian Unity

I found out last night at 5:00 p.m. Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows that this week is the official Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. In my old neighborhood, the local churches get together for a common service on Sunday that week. Here, they only do it in Scranton. Today I went to Latin Mass. Lately the weather is absolutely atrocious. Uncle Frankie should be coming over pretty soon. KrissyKrissyKrissy is stranded at work with moocho overtime. The Holy Name Society is having their monthly meeting early tonight. Soon, we shall be facing the 34rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the perfect proof of liberalism's true colors. I don't suppose I should have to be bothered with reminding you of what I think of the left wingers. Tomorrow I reckon everything will be closed down because it's a big holiday. Yesterday was the thirteenth of the month, for everybody who knows about the Marian Helpers.