Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last night my mother found a bullfrog on the living room floor. Hey, welcome to Pa. A few years ago, bears in the backyard were all the rage around here. This morning was insanely foggy. Yesterday & last night the weather was in the nineties & today promises even more scorching heat. So far, I like Sam Brownback & Mike Huckabee for the election next year. They're both for all the right stuff culturally(about marriage, right to life, etc.). The catch is when in Sam Hill is somebody going to end the war in Ira? Liberals have a most poisonous agenda in store for us with the culture war. At least Cheney's not running. We can't afford to mess up this one. The library is getting crowded. So far I've only gotten one response from the people I've asked about SJB's reunion. The others must be really busy or haven't noticed my message so far.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Yesterday I got my notice for my high school class's thirtieth(Ouch!) reunion. Thank you, Wally Lace, etc. I went to St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School in West Islip, N.Y. Go Cougars! I still find it more than slightly hard to believe that three entire decades have gone by since then. It seems as if it were only a little while ago. All sorts of things have happened since then. Because it's in December the weather may stink but knowing us there will still be a splendid time guaranteed for all. We always seem to enjoy each other's company when we get together. It says, unfortunately, on the card that it will be for only one night. I've always really enjoyed the weekend-long jaunts but one day's nice to. Our twenty fifth was nice for only one day. St. Gabriel's always has only one day & it turns out to be quite a smashing time too. I never get a chance to see anybody now that I no longer live in N.Y.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Nothing much of any note has been happening lately but the weather's most certainly been settling down. Today my parents got a new dresser & I helped them move it around. That's such an interesting thing to do (not!). I've been listening quite conscientiously to that Catholic station. It has all sorts of groovy things on it. There was something on yesterday about abortion, homosexuality & the radical left wing pro_abortion/homosexuality movement that's been pervading our culture for the past few decades. It always helps to keep abreast of developments in that area. I still quite desperately wish I could track down all those books I've lost track of. I just know they most certainly have to be somewhere. Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to walking around the levee lately. Oddly, though, I always seem to get skinnier by the second. I'm continuously getting comments about my insane weight loss. Today's my nephew's/ godson's birthday. His name's Michael & he goes to Hofstra. The sixteenth was also my goddaughter Kristy Nicole's birthday. Happy happy joy joy to both of them. They've both turned nineteen which is really weird because I can still remember when I was nineteen.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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Yesterday's weather was quite an absolute & total nightmare. Today, though, at least it's not raining though it is unusually cold for August. That tornado that's been making the news these days has been getting the weather all out of control in other places too. I finally started listening to the Catholic radio station in this area yesterday. It's 1550 am & is known as the Station of the Cross. I even got through, on the phone, to a talk show of theirs last night. I've been re_reading that Shakespeare play too. It's a little tougher than most of the stuff I'm used to. All the obsolete language & footnotes get me stark raging nuts after a while. So far, the library is absolutely dead compared to most days. On the average summer day, I get kicked out by about the the time I've been here for around an hour_ish. Soon I suppose I shall have to get another haircut. I never used to go to the same place twice in N.Y. but over here I've so far never once set foot into anyplace except the Eighth Street barber shop. I just got an e mail from Robin, the latest birthday girl. She says she & her niece will soon be visiting Mary Anne & family. A while ago I got an e mail from John, one of my N.Y. Carmelite connections, about a site that enables one to identify exactly which accent he has. It claims I have a Washington State accent. Duh! I've never even been there. Of course, on the bright side, I always have been quite full of surprises.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today I woke up to a stark raging miserable morning, weather wise. It's icy cold, pouring & pea soup foggy. Other than that, all's been going well. Right before 8:00 a.m. Mass at St. John the Baptist, I made sure I stopped at Unimart for the paper & a lottery ticket. It's going to be a $250.00 million jackpot tomorrow night. Plans are still under way for my cousin's big upcoming birthday bash. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. She's not supposed to find out, though, so make sure you don't even think of telling her. My mother was forced to go out for a ten o'clock doctor's appointment. Anyone who doesn't have to travel, shouldn't want to either. Oddly, people always have seemed to enjoy shopping like crazy on days like this. That's just not for me. I go bananas with claustrophobia. I'm pert near finished with that Shakespeare. Then, I reckon, it's on to yet another. The famous Bard of Avon has always been quite a regular fovorite of mine & I even took an entire course entirely about him a while ago. Cousin Robin's birthday was on the nineteenth so kudos aplenty to her.

Monday, August 20, 2007


On Saturday night, I lectored at O.L. Sorrows. Laura somebody, who was supposed to be my sidekick, never showed up. I got stuck alone. It was more than a smidge confusing to me because, unlike my days at O.L.P.H. I'm still entirely brand spanking new to this bunch. I seemed to have gotten away with it though. After Mass, my father & I went to the legendary Pittston Tomato Festival, where we met Michelle's parents. It was a fun time for one & all. I highly recommend it. Yesterday was the big annual Carmelite day of recollection at St. Matthew's. All went well. I went with Mary Anne & Rosemary. Rita & another lady went in another car. While there, I met a woman who grew up on Long Island. Another woman even said she travels 112 miles each way for her meetings. I'd go nuts even thinking of that. There are lots of flea markets in Pa. & the parishes in that area are most certainly no exception. St. Matthew's is in the area where they have fake animals mixed in with their real ones. It's all rural & mountainous. I've always really liked that kind of environment. It was very cool & rained for a while yesterday. The weather is about the same today. I'd really rather have the sweltering heat back.