Saturday, January 02, 2010


there was a "Twilight Zone" marathon on the SYFY channel all weekend

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Yesterday was Doug's birthday. He's my cousin Michelle's husband. It's time to welcome 2010. It's kind of like a sequel to 2001. The first decade of our century is now over. I didn't even bother to stay up to greet the new year because there was nothing going on. I watched quite a few episodes of the "Twilight Zone" marathon on the SyFy Channel. Surprisingly when I got to St. Joseph's at 8:20 a.m yesterday the doors were locked. If anyone showed up for 9:00 Mass it must have been at the last minute. Only one woman showed up besides me & she left too. I went to 10:00 Mass at St. John's in Pittston. It snowed over the weekend. I only ended up having to do around five minutes of shoveling because it wasn't so bad although it was hard to drive through it while it was still coming down. Uncle Frankie is still visiting Fran. They called my parents yesterday to say hello & happy new year. One of the things I've always dreaded about January each year is that I shall eventually have to get my car inspected.


I slept through midnight for the new year

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HAPPY 2010!~

The weather today is about the same as yesterday. Every day lately, as I drive past the Susquehanna, I can't help noticing that a lot of the water is frozen. There are large chunks of broken ice all over the place. Uncle Frankie showed up for a while yesterday. As soon as he left he went someplace on a big trip. I'm still reading the book by Cardinal Dulles. At the rate of at least fifty pages each day it goes pretty fast. It most certainly isn't easy to understand though. I made a bit of a mistake recently. Somehow I got the impression that I was supposed to go to a meeting tonight in Pittston. The next meeting is next Wednesday night. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. As virtually always, I shall end up just hanging around lamenting the fact that it will be impossible for me to get any sleep with all that constant noise. I've forgotten the exact date but Fr. Hugh McGroarty's ninetieth birthday is this week. Everyone was congratulating him this morning. He's from St. John the Evangelist Church in Pittston. They gave him a really nice big party.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This morning's weather has been bitter cold & exceptionally windy. I can handle it though because there's no precipitation. It's a good thing my parents made sure they got all their really big food shopping over with yesterday. I'm still reading that book by Avery Cardinal Dulles. Although I've tried to keep up with developments in the Catholic world it's still way over my head. A lot of things he covers aren't even the least bit familiar to me. Tomorrow night I have to go to a meeting in Pittston, at O.L. Mt. Carmel. The things I've been learning in that book may come in handy there. The new year fast approaches. A while ago when I got my last haircut, Rose said she was stunned about how fast time flies. We're now already pert near finished with the first decade of the twenty first century. I have no plans for New Year's Eve. I've never been much of a party animal anyway so I don't care.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas went quite well & now we're all planning to get started on the new year. One of my Christmas presents was a gift card for Barnes & Noble. I made sure I went there yesterday. Practically as soon as I got there I noticed a copy of Avery Cardinal Dulles' "Church & Society" so I got it. I started reading it right away. Uncle Frankie came over a few times over the weekend. Fran left early. Steve, Sam, Michael & I spent a little while on Saturday helping her to move an old dresser out to the garage. On Saturday I lectored at 5:00 Mass to cover for Cheryl's daughter. This morning was Fr. Marchetti's last Mass at our parishes. Now we're in the same mess we were in six months ago when Fr. Walsh left us. On Saturday night I saw "The Maltese Falcon" & "A Man For All Seasons" yet again too. I got my annual Christmas card from Grace, Daren's mother. Daren died in September 2005. Birthday greetings go out to Kimbley. She & I worked together at Citicorp in Melville & Farmingdale. She seems to be doing well these days.