Saturday, March 31, 2007

Went to Church Last Night

Last night I went to the Living Stations of the Cross at O.L.Sorrows. The churches in the Wyomings have the traditional Stations every Friday during Lent & last night was the teen aged young uns turn to have their own version. They & the Holy Name Society guys did a swell job of things. Easter is undeniably the single most important day of the entire year. I especially like the candy, flowers & smell. KrissyKrissyKrissy is busy today. She's a major source of movies for me. The weather's been a smidge cooler than I like it so far. On this eve of April Fool's Day, I have to devise something so obnoxious for tomorrow that it will entirely top even what my connections are capable of. Gas prices are soaring & I've even recently heard that they're expected to top $5.00. I didn't get to eat anything all that interesting yesterday because it was Friday but the pizza was nice. Laureen finally sent me an e mail. I was genuinely surprised because for quite a while she's been quieter than a graveyard.

Went to Church Last Night

Friday, March 30, 2007

Almost Cut My Hair

That's a Neil Young oldie. Usually I live in the land of the Cowsills' oldie Hair. Yesterday, though, I trudged right on over to Rose's barber shop by the bridge on 8th Street & once again did the unthinkable. I got a haircut. Ever since I was but a mere young un, I've never been all that big on haircuts. Once in a while, though, I like to get stark raging silly. My lens fell out of my glasses again, this time in the parking lot. I've got to wise up & get something done about that. In my young hepcat days, a flowing mane was my trademark. KrissyKrissyKrissy's back from New York. The weather's still a smidge colder than I like it. The library parking lot's still getting me nuts. Gael got her birthday card. Cathleen told me, though, that there's not enough rain out there. We haven't gotten any lately here either. I see Rosie O'Donnell's put her foot in her mouth again. I've never liked her anyway, except when she played Nell Carter's foil on Gimme A Break. Bob Uecker, who played George Winslow on Mr. Belvedere, was hounded by a stalker a few weeks ago. Now I've heard everything. I can just imagine what the cast of Alf must be going through.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cool Lately

The weather's still a smidge chillier than I like it but it's getting there. Last night I saw Snakes on A Plane with Samuel L. Jackson. Hey it came out last year. That breaks a new world record for me. I just found out this morning that one of our local neighborhood parks will be having an Easter egg hunt pretty soon. We can count on all sorts of things like that these days. California Gael's birthday is tomorrow, in case I forget. She's involved with all sorts of Irish things, including genealogy, so she should have been born on St. Patrick's Day. Yesterday, on my way out of here, traffic in the driveway was blocked because some lunatic in a van parked there and made it impossible for me to get out. I went to the driveway of the church next door. Somebody else drove in though & made it impossible for me to get out. I hereby put a pox upon them all. That, & the loud guy on the cell phone right next to me in the library, drove me nuts. It's still quite a bit better than Copiague, though.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Everyone Knows It's Windy

Does the wind really cry Mary, though? The weather's much nicer these days, & California Cathleen even says her temperatures are in the nineties, last week anyway. She said the winds lately have been around 35 m.p.h. We got the same deal over here with wind. KrissyKrissyKrissy is back in New York until Friday. Maybe I shall watch at least one more of her DVDs. The ones I haven't seen are movies I haven't even heard of. Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday. Palm Sunday & April are right around the corner. Easter should be pretty groovy & fattening this year. One year, at my old KofC council, I even dressed up as the Easter Bunny for the young uns' party. This year, though, I suppose I shall be but a mere bystander at all the parties, etc. I suppose, as I've said at least once before, I shall have to get some exercise so I can at least fit into my really nice clothes. I just found out about a new car, known as the roadster, that supposedly gets 70 m.p.g. This could be just what people are looking for but who knows how it will work out?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Old Cat Named Hercules

I just found out about Elton John's having recently turned sixty. It's hard to write a song with wrinkled fingers. He's been a very favorite of mine since I was a kid during his flamboyant period. I suppose he must have been influenced, back then, by the David Bowie/Mott the Hoople Glam Rock crowd, at least appearance_wise. Big news lately is that Michelle finally sent an e_mail out. She never sends anything. The weather is finally up in the seventies today which is all kinds of odd considering that there are still gigantic blocks of ice on the ground. April is very fast approaching & I just plain can't wait. Last night I watched something on TV that gave me a really weird idea. There was a show on about people who achieved their Andy Warhol_inspired goal of being famous for fifteen minutes. These specific people got famous by having made creative blogs. Since I don't happen, right now, to have any way of doing it with video, as they've been doing, I'm trying to develop as distinctive a way with words(always my speciality anyway)as I can. I hear the price of a first class stamp is going to go up very soon. At the postal service, the seem to think they haven't quite driven us crazy enough just yet.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting Really Nice Out Finally

The weather is finally getting warm although there are still many large, & some small, insanely out of place looking blocks of ice on he ground. I shall have to get started on my daily_ish walk again. Yesterday I finally saw the rest of Pulp Fiction. I also watched the 80's classic The Wraith with the living legend of Sherilynn Fenn. I can still remember her fromTwin Peaks. Yesterday, when I was at the Latin Mass, in Pittston, I made sure I asked the priest if he was a New Yorker. That accent of his could absolutely choke a horse. Sure enough, my guess was right. He's from Brooklyn. To my undying chagrin, I suppose I shall have to get a haircut pretty soon. So far, I've always gone to a place by the bridge on 8th Street. It's run by Rose. I'm just not a haircut kind of guy. KrissyKrissyKrissy got bagels today. They're some pretty groovy flavors too. Hi, Desert Call. In response to your questions on the Feast of St. Joseph: Yes, I'm a T.O.C. & no, I don't have any plans to go to Chicago unfortunately.