Saturday, June 21, 2008


It's cousin Larry's big day & the very first full day of the summer season. This morning I went to the Carmelite meeting in Wilkes_Barre. Diane & Yvonne were both there for their annual visit. They explained to me how I could improve the job I've been doing as formation director. Sister Catherine couldn't make it this month because of a trip to San Diego. Mary Anne, unfortunately, is still very ill. We haven't seen her in quite a while. Dana couldn't make the meeting, as usual, but he was there at the end. My father & Uncle Frankie trudged off to their usual Friday night game yesterday. It was absolutely pouring around here. There was an extremely seriously violent electrical storm with lots of wind. They somehow lucked out though. The weather was very much nicer for them at the game. Aunt Lauren called yesterday. I made sure I practiced those Beatle songs on my guitar yesterday. Oddly, they seem to be much easier for me to play lately than they ever were in my younger days. Aunt Lauren called yesterday. She & my mother always keep in touch. Lately I've been listening to some of my old vinyl records. Last night I listened to a couple of old late 1980's albums by Fleetwood Mac & the B52's

Friday, June 20, 2008


This evening will be the very beginning of summer. That will give us all an especially optimistic Friday dance. It's time to say a rousing happy birthday to cousin Larry, the captain of the black team from our bowling league. Tomorrow is his big day. Ruthie's birthday is sometime this month too. She's one of the little red haired girls from ninety second street. Uncle Frankie came over late yesterday at around six o'clock. It appears we're back into the swing of things once again around here. This morning my mother had yet another doctor's appointment because of her very bad back. Tomorrow morning I have to be back over in Wilkes_Barre again for yet another Carmelite meeting. I've done all the stuff that's required of me. I just noticed that yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of the very first ever appearance of Jim Davis' "Garfield" comic strip. Garfield is kind of like me. He's grumpy & surly, the cast of characters in his life drive him stark raging nuts & his favorite food is lasagne. I just overheard somebody say that it's raining now. Lately the weather's been awfully irritating. Yesterday I read more of the book about Queen Isabella. Of course I also made quite sure I practiced those Beatle songs.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Summer is only a mere two days away. Uncle Frankie got home yesterday afternoon after a seemingly absolutely endless visit with Fran. I just got my annual e mail from Jo Ann & Jerry warning us not to bother to send them any e mail this month because of their trip to California. Congratulations on Jerry's retirement. Finally & at last, the problems in Wyoming's library have been straightened out so I'm back again. Unfortunately the place is absolutely packed with people today. Last night I practiced those Beatle songs again. My fingers all hurt but it's been getting easier & easier for me lately. This morning I went back downstairs to the washer & dryer. Those clothes most certainly have to be kept clean somehow. Life, at times, seems to be one never ending list of boring chores. Yesterday's weather was virtually all thunder & lightning with virtually no rain to show for it. The TV reception stunk. Everybody's been sending rave reviews for Tim Russert. It's nice to see he was such a good person. I read lots of good things about him on Wordpress besides all the rave reviews he's gotten everyplace else. The library isn't so crowded right now. People have told me that Amway/Quixtar fell apart quite a while ago, but I've been noticing lately that they've been making a bit of a comeback. A certain former teacher of mine got me mixed up with them in the eighties.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


On this day, in 1942, James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England, to James & Mary McCartney. He's always been quite a favorite of mine. Last time I heard, Uncle Frankie was supposed to be home today. Who knows, though, at this rate? Wyoming's computers are still messed up so I'm stranded again at the Hoyt. The last time this happened it took around three days to fix so maybe by tomorrow all will be normal again. As of yesterday "I Love Lucy" is back again on channel 3. I suppose the golf tournament must be over with. I watced that & "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". Yesterday afternoon I cut the grass. It only took a little while because there's not really all that much ground to cover. It's about as much fun as washing clothes, of course, but both have to be done. Once again we drank coffee yesterday in the afternoon. I was quite happy to hear on the news yesterday that coffee is now considered good for the health. It is now touted as supposedly preventing everything form heart disease & stroke to Alzheimer's disease. Even decaf is bing given rave reviews. Yesterday I spent a while playing all those Beatle songs on my guitar. I really need the practice but I'm getting there. Last night I watched "The Simpsons". It's always been a favorite of mine but I got out of habit, quite a while ago, of keeping track of it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Wyoming's computers are still down so I'm back at the Hoyt today. I heard from my parents that in spite of what Uncle Frankie originally said, he'll be staying with Fran until tomorrow. It's odd not having him around because he's such a familiar fixture around here. My mother went to the doctor for an appointment yesterday because of her back. This morning I did the laundry. Well, at least I put clothes etc. into the washing machine, turned it on, & that's a part of it. From then on the machine has to do the rest. Late yesterday afternoon there was an absolute nightmare of an electrical storm with extremely severe wind. Fortunately though, it was only very short. Because I had an appointment to see Dr. Radzwilka yesterday morning I went to 7:00 p.m. Mass at St. Anthony's. By then, fortunately, the rain was only extremely slight. Happy birthday to Cindi from Myspace, etc. Nothing's on TV lately. "I Love Lucy" is never on these days because of some golf tournament on channel 3.

Monday, June 16, 2008


There was a bit of a drizzle this morning but the weather's quite typical now. It's nice & warm. The computers are down over in Wyoming so I'm now at the Hoyt Library. I'm used to Wyoming but this one's really nice too. The weekend went quite well. I practiced a lot of Beatle oldies with my guitar yesterday. I haven't bothered to get the strings changed in very many years or to tune it lately so it sounds quite awful but it works out well enough. My fingers go crazy trying to stretch on songs like "Dear Prudence". Yesterday I made sure I read more of that book about Queen(potentially Saint) Isabella. Summer's only a few days away. Spring & summer have always been my very favorite seasons. I lectored at 5:00 Mass on Saturday & all went predictably well. Mary showed up. There was no trouble. Mary Anne & kids called up yesterday for Father's day. Maria called my mother late last night. Everything seems to be going quite well with the Massapequa crowd lately. Larry's birthday is coming up in another five days. I went to see Dr. Radzwilka for a 9:45 appointment. It never hurts to have the occasional check up. My hay fever cough's still been driving me crazy but I'm in very good health otherwise. Fran called. From what I've heard Uncle Frankie's supposed to come back home tomorrow. He's most certainly been gone for quite a long time.