Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's time to wish a very happy birthday to cousin Larry. His big day is tomorrow but I won't be available then so I send the greetings now. The weather is miserable today. All day it's been raining. I went to the Carmelite meeting. Surprisingly our attendance was fairly good. So far we shall be going to Stroudsburg next month for our meeting. Lately we have been having many problems because of new circumstances. I made sure I asked Barbara for Yvonne's phone number. Today we shall be having company for Father's Day. Uncle Frankie, Fran & Lisa will be coming over this afternoon for a big party. It was originally supposed to be outside but the weather's too miserable. Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble. It's a nice environment & I get to exercise by walking around. I watched yet another James Bond movie. This time it was 1965's "Thunderball" with Sean Connery. There were no other familiar names in the cast.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Sunday is Father's Day so everybody should be showing up for a big party. I think my father & Uncle Frankie are supposed to go to a football game too. Today I have a slight headache but I should suppose it will be gone fairly soon over the course of the day. Tomorrow I shall have to go to Wilkes_Barre for our monthly Carmelite meeting. We meet in a conference room now. There's a new nun who's in charge of things over there. It seems much different now that Sister Catherine is no longer available. So far this morning it hasn't rained but lately there's been rain for at least a little while each day. Yesterday I got yet another high school friend to join my Facebook friends list. Since school, Donna & I haven't gotten a chance to see each other except at reunions. She's a grandmother now. It's time for yet another rousing Friday dance.


Today is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Happy Sixty.seventh, BeatlePaul!


The car repairs yesterday only took a fairly short time. I needed air conditioner work & an oil change. The place I went to does a good job & is closer than the two places I'd been going to so far. From now on I shall be able to see through my windows & avoid temperature extremes. It was all done by early yesterday afternoon. Amazingly they didn't end up conveniently finding anything else wrong with the car. Last night, right after the show about Shakespeare, I went over to O.L. Mt. Carmel in Pittston for another meeting of that group I'm involved with. The Oblates are going to send a few of their priests over to Hazleton to work with the really large Hispanic population over there. They first came to Pittston because of the many Italians in the area during the early twentieth century. It was a really interesting night. Of course it rained violently all night. Our next meeting will be on July 1. Uncle Frankie showed up for a while yesterday. He has to go to a party for someone in his family this weekend. Today Beatle Sir Paul turns sixty seven years old. We shall have to wish him quite a fab birthday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble in Wilkes_Barre again. It's always been a very favorite hangout of mine. They've moved their foreign film section. One of these days I shall have to see the Woody Allen movie, "Manhattan". While I was there there was a fairly brief thunderstorm. It was a loud spring shower. As I first left to go over to the Cross Valley Expressway I was quite struck with how much of a difference the construction for the new bridge makes. A lot of things are missing over on River Rd. Aunt Lauren doesn't usually come over but she showed up for a little while a couple of days ago. She was just leaving as I got home on Sunday. She was pulling out of the curb while I was at a stop sign. Yesterday Cathleen told me that Gael, a published poet, has compiled a book of her poetry & recently appeared at a book signing. Later today I have to leave my car at AA auto center on Wyoming Avenue in Exeter. If I don't get something done about the air conditioner sooner or later I shall go nuts. I have to get an oil change too. It's closer to the places I'm used to going to. They're over in Kingston. Mary Anne & family called yesterday. Michael's been sick lately.

Monday, June 15, 2009


The weather has been very nice lately, especially today. Saturday evening there was a major torrential downpour for only a very short time. It was violently windy. Last night it rained considerably too. Uncle Frankie came over for a while each day. Fran showed up for a little while on Saturday because her dog died. Everybody's been doing a lot of work lately to get ready for the Fourth of July. It's only about two weeks away. Yesterday I stopped at a local automotive store on Wyoming Avenue in Exeter to make an appointment to get my car's air conditioning fixed. I have a coupon. Somehow I got the distinct impression that yesterday was Father's Day. Fortunately my parents set me straight when I mentioned it to them. Yesterday some guy called me on the phone to ask about Peter King & his opponent in the next congressional election over in Nassau County, N.Y. I felt bad at first because I didn't recognize the names. Why should I though? I don't even live in N.Y.