Monday, April 05, 2010


Easter worked out quite well. It was entirely too fattening but quite enjoyable. I got a card from Grace, Daren's mother. Mary Anne & family showed up. She got here first last week, then Steve & the kids on Friday. They all went home together yesterday afternoon. Uncle Frankie, Fran & Lisa showed up yesterday. Michael, Sam, Steve & I were playing the guitar for quite a while. I lectored at 10:30 Mass yesterday. My mother, Mary Anne & the kids were there. Gary called yesterday to wish my parents a happy Easter. The spring weather has arrived. It's still too cold in the morning most days but most of the day is very nice lately. Today is Sean's birthday. He's the Ronald's son. A few days ago was Doriana's birthday. She lives in Italy. Today is also Dyngus Day. That's another name for Easter Monday. In certain Catholic cultures, it's considered quite a big occasion. I recently got a much_needed haircut in time for Easter. When I called Rose Chairge for an appointment she somehow recognized my voice in spite of my infrequent haircuts. I must have quite an exceptionally distinctive voice.