Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yesterday it snowed for most of the day, starting very early in the morning. There was ice too. I made sure I called Barbara last night, to avoid taking any chances about this morning's Carmelite meeting. It's a big trip in bad weather. At first she said she'd expected it not to be cancelled. At around 9:15 last night, though, she called & said it would be cancelled. The library closed at noon yesterday & opened an hour late today. Yesterday I had an extremely hard time plowing through the traffic & the visibility absolutely stunk, but today things, so far, have been much better. My mother & Fran were supposed to spend this weekend making cookies for Christmas but their plans were postponed because of the weather. Lately I've been eating entirely too many peanuts. They're entirely too enjoyable for my own good & quite addictive if I don't wise up & watch my step. I just found out from Sam that Mary Anne's famous annual Hanukkah party was a real success last night. According to him, all went quite well.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I recently tracked down yet another connection from my days in Queens. Dennis & I were in the same class & I found him on Facebook yesterday. Having always been more than a little befuddled about whether the old neighborhood's in East Elmhurst or Jackson Heights, I made sure I asked Earl & Frank yesterday about it. Earl reminded me that we're somewhere in the middle & either name's allowed. It's sort of like a Lindenhurst & Copiague kind of thing, I should suppose. This morning I went for a total change of my usual habit. I ate an English muffin yesterday in the afternoon. That's most certainly no big deal because I always eat in the afternoon anyway. The surprise was that I even ate one for breakfast this morning too at around 6:30. Grace, Daren's mother, sent me a Christmas card. I got it yesterday. Daren died over three years ago. There's supposed to be a lot more snow coming tomorrow night. I just hope it doesn't affect the Carmelite meeting on Saturday.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It snowed yet again last night. It wasn't as bad as what we were threatened with. We expected to get up to four inches of snow. Once again, my handy dandy vinyl windshield cover comes to the rescue. It's not even winter yet & already the winter weather is getting nightmarishly boring. Yesterday & last night, unfortunately, I ate quite a whole lot of candy. It was from Aunt Lauren. People have been coming out of the woodwork over at Facebook. It's nice to see that Earl & Frank are on each other's friends lists. Christmas is now only eight days away. So far people have been taking it all quite well. The extreme aggravation hasn't quite sunk in just yet. Lately I've been awfully seriously cold even when I'm inside. I seem to lack the ability to get warmed up. It's quite an extremely annoying feeling.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It snowed last night & there's a miserable rain this morning. At least yesterday's rain wasn't so cold. Christmas very fast approaches. Santa Claus already made his rounds through the neighborhood on his big fire truck here recently. Aunt Lauren came over yesterday when my parents were shopping at Wegmann's. She left a present for them. I made sure I got Karen's exact address straightened out so we can send her a nice card. I've just read in the "San Francisco Chronicle" that Beatle Paul has recently stated that he, not John Lennon, was the political Beatle. McCartney claims that a mid_1960's meeting with fruitcake philosopher Bertrand Russell got him interested in protesting the Viet Nam War. This, says he, led to the Fabs' now notorious political & social activism. This Saturday morning I shall have to go to another Carmelite meeting in Wilkes_Barre.

Monday, December 15, 2008


The weekend went well. I lectored at 5:00 Mass on Saturday. I bought another oplatki after Mass. So far I've gotten one of those things each weekend. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday & ate supper with us. As usual he came fully equipped with candy, this time chocolate. Unfortunately I've been eating entirely too much junk food lately. The Holy Name Society meeting was last night. There was wine, soda & beer after the meeting along with chili & potato chips. One of the main things going on was the election for the new year. Father Walsh didn't show up. KrissyKrissyKrissy sent a Christmas picture of her kids recently. Mary Anne called yesterday. She's been ill lately. Maria called last night too. She told my mother all the latest New York gossip. My Facebook account has most certainly been getting much more mileage lately than ever. All my connections have really been taking advantage.