Friday, April 04, 2008


Nothing much has been happening these days. April has been more bad weather than good so far. Today is very damp & raining. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. He & my father have been making plans lately to go see the local yokel version of the Yankees. The famed Bronx Bombers have a stadium somewhere between here & Scranton for their minor league team. Yesterday I made sure I read over fifty more pages of that Jane Austen book. I've always considered myself a reasonably well_read literate sort of guy. Lately, though, I've been going through librarything & shelfari & finding out the hard way that there are all sorts of books, plays, novels, etc. that I just haven't gotten around to so far. There are even very many I've literally never even heard of. I'm trying to get my nephew Michael to check out their philosophy groups. He's been taking a philosophy class this semester. Today's the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. I remember those days. I was at RFK's last St. Patrick's day parade that year. Shortly after King, he ended up dying the same way. Of course, I was only a young un in elementary school way back then.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


For the first time this week, Wyoming's internet is back. The Hoyt Library's really a nice place too but this is the one I've gotten used to & I don't like change. It's also just plain closer. Yesterday I took a ride over to the Wyoming Valley Mall. It's a good place to walk around in for the sake of exercise. As always I found a nice easy space in the parking lot. The weather was really nice. On the way home I ended up taking Rte 81. That road's quite an absolute panic. I'm not used to it so it still gets my nerves a bit frazzled but it seems to get a bit easier each time with practice. I really have to floor it because even though the official speed limit is 65 m.p.h. the reality of it all is much faster. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. He ate with us. I started reading "Pride & Prejudice" yesterday. I read it quite a while ago & decided I wanted to check it out again. I found out that Barack Obama, of the Democratic Party's ultra pro abortion presidential candidates, doesn't want either of his daughters to be punished with a baby. This remark goes to show, as far as I'm concerned, the Left Wing's true face & colors. Since the weather's been getting nice lately, I've been hoping to get started on walking again over by the Midway. I most certainly need exercise.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Once again, I'm stranded over at Kingston's library. The Wyoming librarian told me that the internet is still down over there. It's annoying & frustrating but not all that bad a deal. Amazingly, there were snow flurries this morning, April or no April. I'm absolutely sick & tired of it all. Lately I've been reading the poetry of Auden, Yeats & Blake. I've also been reading "The Iliad" & a few books about the Catholic Church. Each one only gets a little at a time, of course, or I'll end up way over my head. Mary Anne called yesterday. All most certainly appears to be going well so far over there. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. Because there was an electrical storm that started a little after 7:00 p.m., though, he ended up having to rush right back on home to take care of the dog. April Fool's Day went quite well with all the predictably obnoxious behavior. It's sort of a miniature Halloween. I think there's even a bit of a traditional connection between them, folklore_wise, too. Yesterday Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama were both in Wilkes_Barre. I don't like either of them. John McCain, to my chagrin, is no peach either. I'm most certainly not looking forward to the big day in November because there's just no right answer.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It's an especially nice spring day. The weekend was nice. Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday. I went, after the Latin Mass, to Mass at the Oblates' seminary. It was crowded but all went well. Yesterday was icy bitter cold & pouring. I gave blood at the ambulance place on Maffett St. in Plains. Nicole was the phlebotomist who took it from me. There was no crowd & I had a 4:00 appointment so unlike most times, I was in & out surprisingly fast. Instead of my N.Y. KofC council's full meal, all I got here were cupcakes & cherry Kool.Aid & Egg McMuffin coupon. I couldn't give a double red cell donation because my iron count was too low. That's happened before. They gave me my druthers among different colors of bandages & I took red. The internet's been down in Wyoming's library ever since yesterday. I'm at the Hoyt Library in Kingston today. For the past couple of nights, I've had weird dreams. Last night I dreamed I got into an accident in a truck, which is weird because I've never driven a truck. It happened in a NY City like place which is weird because I don't go there much. It was because I put a cover over the windshield which is weird because I wouldn't dare even think of doing that. Two nights ago, I dreamed I was in a public place, trying to play a nice twelve.string acoustic guitar. I noticed that the two lowest strings were missing. Before I knew what hit me, some woman came by & took it from me, claiming that it was hers. Uncle Frankie came over yesterday for a while. We ate pork chops & latkes. I put apple sauce & mayonnaise on mine. On Saturday night, I finished watching "Lost Horizon". My mother went to the doctor for tests today. The last time I heard, Bridget's tests were taking a while.