Saturday, September 22, 2007



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I cut the grass this morning. I worked up quite a sweat but it was worth it. At least it's all now over with for a while. It was a very dreary morning & the sky was one gigantic grey cloud. I fully expected it to start pouring out but it never really happened. Yesterday's Hitchcock movie wasSabotage. I like to watch the relatively short ones. This one finally provoked in me those immortal words: "Oh! So THAT'S who Oscar Homolka was!!!" I'm taking advantage of my ever_growing internet skills with my Wheresgeorge account now. Nirvana, a young guy who works at the Wyoming Unimart, is my local Wheresgeorge connection & he directed me to the BankofFrank site. I now use that site to keep much better track of all my bills. The library opened an hour later today than it usually does. The lady who usually shows up on Saturdays won't be available for a few weekends. The top banana librarian has to cover for her. He takes the bus, though, & it runs late so he can't show up until ten. That's an hour later than usual. As far as I know , last night's big high school game worked out quite well. The map is of all the counties where my Wheresgeorge bills have been hit:

Friday, September 21, 2007


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My parents have started the new season off in their typically skewed manner by devoting an inordinate amount of time & effort to putting plants & a scarecrow in the front yard. Every morning is horribly foggy & damp around here lately but the day always seems to get nicer later on. Last night I watched Blackmail, Hitchcock's very first talkie. Each night, until further notice, I shall try to watch one movie of his. It will give me one more thing to add to the list of stuff I'm annoyingly knowledgeable about. Yesterday I watched a few minutes of that "Ugly Betty" show. I've never been all that crazy about current pop culture so I really only know about it by way of its reputation. Today's Friday so don't let's forget to do the very first Friday dance of autumn. La di da de la di dah tis autumn. Of course, tonight, as far as I know, my father & Uncle Frankie will be going to that weekly football game of theirs. I don't like sports so they can count me out.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


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The summer of 2007 is, alas, over & done with. I'll miss all the very warm weather & I'm most certainly not looking forward to the cold autumn & winter we always have around here. This morning started out extremely seriously foggy, but later in the day, as usual, it's gotten much better. Last night, I saw the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Jamaica Inn. I've been trying to see as many of his movies as possible. I used to like his TV show when I was a kid. Fran was always a fan of things like that too. She was the one who got me interested in shows like "Dark Shadows" & movies like The Screaming Skull. Yesterday I read some more of that book about Charlotte Bronte. I've read a lot of books, poems, etc. by authors who were her contemporaries, so I'm very familiar by now with all the references. I've not read very many currently trendy books, poems, plays, etc. over the course of my lifetime but old classical works I know quite well by now. The trendy side of life has never particularly interested me. Argh! Well, blow me down Dontcha know? It appears that yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day & I missed it completely. Shiver me timbers!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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Sam, the younger of my nephews, got hit by a car yesterday. Fortunately it all ended with only minor injuries & major frazzled nerves. His voice is changing, but he's still horribly accident_prone. Being a concerned & conscientious uncle, I'm required by law to say: Whoooa, Sammy! Last night I saw an early Alfred Hitchcock movie. It wasThe Manxman, the very last of his silent films. I really didn't know that he'd ever even made any silents. It turns out that he made very many early movies besides the ones we're all really familiar with. Yesterday I went back over to the mall & this time I got the directions exactly right. The new lector schedules for O.L. Sorrows came out this morning. They were in the sacristy when I first showed up. Eddie, in Lindenhurst, please take note. The lectors, etc. over here are just as hit_&_miss as they are at O.L.P.H. Today's the Feast of San Gennaro, a realy biggie in New York. Some cousins of mine took me to Jack Dempsey's in Manhattan one night in the nineties for my birthday & that's how I remember the connection. Miz Kitti appears somehow never to have noticed my big move. She just recently sent me an e mail asking where I live. She calls me Larabie. Larabie is no longer in his old stomping grounds. I just found out that Yoko Ono is now on Myspace. Oooooh YooooKo. I wonder what Beatle John could have done with the internet era.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007



After a very bitter cold, foggy morning it's turning out to be a swell day so far. Miz Kitti & I are quite through with drowning our sorrows about our birthdays. We're exactly a year & a day apart. The library was a bit busier than average yesterday because it was some big Jewish holiday so the schools were closed. A couple of years ago, the big day was even on my birthday. That was quite a groovy feeling. Gas prices are going up barrel_wise, but I haven't really noticed all that atrocious a jump_lately, that is_at the pumps. Oddly, they seem to bounce up & down. Today I was at Mass at St. Joseph's so I got the paper from the machine on the street instead of bothering to go to the Unimart. Believe it or not, around here, that's about one of the most exciting things that can happen to a guy. Lately, I've been most certainly getting quite seriously interested in finding out all kinds of especially groovy things that can be done on the internet. Of course, Uncle Frankie, junk food guy extraordinaire, was for sure to make his inevitable appearance last night, candy kisses in tow. With him around we always get both to catch up on the gossip & gain weight. I've been trying not to eat too much lately. I recently read that men's waistlines are around three inches wider now than they were in 1985. Fat is not a nice thing.

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Monday, September 17, 2007


Very many birthday wishes have come my way lately. On Saturday night, all the West Wyoming kinfolk came over. It was fattening but all worked out quite well. Miz Kitti remembered me. Today is her birthday. Let us all wish her the very grooviest of days. My nephew Michael even called me last night. I spent most of the day at St. Joseph's Harvest Festival. There was a big bingo game downstairs in one of the buildings. By the time I finally got home I was utterly exhausted. I worked at the dice wheel with Dave, whom I had never met before. John & his wife were in charge. They were both complete strangers to me too. Billy & his wife showed up. I pigged out & drank a lot. Andy from Tripp St. showed up. Saturday night I was supposed to lector at 5:00 p.m. Mass but I trusted my memory instead of bothering to check the schedule. I showed up at 10:00 a.m. Mass yesterday & lectored then instead. All worked out well anyway. The past few days have been awfully violently cold compared to what I'm used to. Michael said it's cold in New York too. Cathleen's on vacation all this week so I don't get to pick on her for quite a while.