Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Nothing much has happened lately. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. Having recently read Chekhov's "Ivanov" I also finished his "The Seagull" yesterday. I practiced my guitar a lot too. That's been getting more & more interesting for me lately. Scales & arpeggios keep me occupied & confused quite a lot of the time. Fr. Marchetti & the librarian are both on vacation this week. Things are a little different without either of them around. Circumstances always change fairly drastically whenever a significant character isn't available. I ate a Whopper from Burger King yesterday. I'm not such a fan of those kinds of places but sometimes I have something from there. KrissyKrissyKrissy's birthday is tomorrow. Today is O9_09_09. It's the day when the Beatles' record company will be releasing a new game based on their music & re_mastered CD's of their albums. It's been advertised all over the place lately.