Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. He said, a couple of days ago, that we have coyotes in the area. To my chagrin I've never noticed one. Maybe I just haven't recognized any. My parents went shopping yet again. It was quite a dreary day yesterday & has been so far today too. There's not been much rain to show for it but it's annoying. I've heard that it's warm outside now. My cousin Alan is in the hospital. We've all been praying that things work out really well for him. Lately I've been noticing that many of my old friends from my younger days are now grandparents, including Madeline. According to Jo Anne, Madeline has been living in Italy for a while by now. Lately I've been adding lots of people from my high school class to my Facebook friends list. I've yet to get a haircut. Maybe I shall be able to hold out for quite a while. My guitar playing consistently progresses.