Thursday, October 22, 2009


The weather's been really nice lately. I hope it stays this way until at least after the party on Sunday. It should be a really nice time. My father & Uncle Frankie are both still ill but they'll both be able to show up. I still have a slight cough. I went to the St. Jude novena yet again last night. I took a different route home than the one I usually take from there. It's one I usually get to by way of another road anyway. Yesterday I ended up having to go to Price Chopper, in the Midway, for 1% milk, orange juice, bread, Pop_Tarts & cake. Gas prices have been going up quite a lot lately. They seem always to go back & forth these days on a regular basis. Yesterday I got my usual notice from the Red Cross' local chapter. They will be conducting a blood drive during the beginning & they've asked me to show up. I also got a call from a guy representing an organization that works with leukemia patients. He asked me to donate money.