Monday, November 09, 2009


The ziti party worked out quite well. Fran couldn't make it but my parents & Uncle Frankie were there. I showed up at around noon & helped the kids with the cake. Howard sent me to Price Chopper to get some ice & soda too. Besides ziti & cake, they served bread & butter & salad. They also served coffee, tea, soda, beer & wine. It lasted until around 5:00. It was as nice as St. Joseph's ham party. Last night I got yet another call from the blood drive people. The woman asked me to make an appointment for next Monday at O.L. Mt. Carmel in Pittston but I'm going to be there anyway. It's the closest one in this area. Veteran's Day is this Wednesday. There will be parades & decorations for the big occasion. I'm not a veteran.