Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today's weather has been very bad so far. The weather we were threatened with as early as yesterday is now upon us. There's sleet coming down & the temperature is very damp & bitter. Yesterday I went to the Guild in Scranton. It was the very first time I ever set foot into Scranton alone. I took the GPS with me. That thing has a mind of its own. I should have gotten onto Rte. 81 without doing exactly what it told me to do because it took into the the city by way of a nice but out_of_the_way road I'd never even heard of before. On the way home it made me get off 81 onto an exit by the airport that was a bit out of my way. I got the book I wanted. One of these days I shall have to go back up there again to see more of the city. Eventually I want to go to the Borders over there too. Today is Beatle George's birthday. He would have been sixty seven years old. Scranton now has a new diocesan bishop. I just found out this morning, at Mass, about the appointment of Msgr. Joseph Bambera. I should only hope he turns out to be much less controversial than Bishop Martino.