Saturday, February 20, 2010


Uncle Frankie's been recuperating fairly well so far. He's been out of the hospital for a couple of days. Sam has been doing quite a good job painting the kitchen. The smell isn't too intense but it gets annoying after a while. Steve's supposed to come in today to pick him up. My monthly Carmelite meeting, on South Meade Street in Wilkes_Barre, was this morning. It's at the Little Flower Manor each month. Including me there were seven people who attended. Unfortunately there were a hearse & other limousines outside getting ready for a funeral cortege. In a place like that they always have to face up to deaths. I ended up not eating any meat yesterday because it was a Friday. I was forced to eat quite a lot of salad, potatoes & crackers. Lately I've been drinking tea more frequently. I used to drink it quite regularly & I've been renewing my old habit. Yesterday I went to Wal_Mart on Oak Street in Pittston to get a a GPS mount for my car. The salesman I met in the electronics department suggested I go to the automotive department to see a wider selection. It was a good thing I took him up on it because by going there I saved ten dollars.