Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 SO FAR

Last month's Carmelite meeting went well. Sister Mary Robert gave each of us a Christmas present. We went through all the usual necessary business & agreed to start reading a new book. This month's meeting, though, scheduled for last Saturday morning, was cancelled because of the snow. Mary Elizabeth called me & explained that because a few of the ladies live in Lackawanna County they might have had a rough time getting through all the snow we were expecting. It snowed that day but the weather didn't stay bad. Within a few days it was melted. I really wanted to go to Washington, D.C. this past Tuesday for the annual March for Life. Unfortunately, though, I ended up not going. It rained that day so the trip would have gotten me crazy anyway. My parents have both been sick lately. My mother's birthday is this coming Saturday & we all hope she will be feeling well enough to be able to enjoy it. There are lots of relatives' birthdays this month. Today we wish a very happy birthday to cousin Larry's wife Rose. Over the past few months, a few people in my class in high school have died. My classmates & I are all so sorry about them & shall pray for their souls. Last week my car's battery died so I went to Frank Gubbiotti's garage in Plains to get it fixed. Frank & His partner were both ill with the flu so their secretary got Sam to put a new battery in for me. Sam said that I should need a new starter to go with the rest of my troubles. My inspection is coming up soon, no later than March, so I shall get it done within only a very short time. Last year at this time I was violently sick for a long time but so far this year the I've gotten has been a few days worth of a very bad headache a while ago. Besides that I get slight headaches every time the weather changes. Lately I've been watching old TV shows like "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Bachelor Father", "The Time Tunnel" & "The Mothers~In~Law".