Sunday, March 11, 2007

Whoa Daylight Savings Time

Well, folks, I reckon my very favorite time of year is finally & at last here. The clocks have sprung once again ahead rather than falling back. Folks such as KrissyKrissyKrissy & others who have to drive at odd late/early hours must like it too. It gives all of us a break. Most, though notoriously not all, of my clocks have been so far set aright. I'll be braver, more courageous & bolder with lots of things during this time of year. Congress finally wised up & gave in early for once. Today is Holy Name Sunday so tonight is the big HNS meeting. I'd better not eat so much during the day because they like to pig out at those things. The weather is really nice today but I noticed a few sheets of ice when I went for the paper. St. Patrick's Day is getting closer by the second. On top of that, the local churches are getting ready for the Feast of St. Joseph. The Oblates of St. Joseph have a few parishes around here. Their main church is in Lafflin on Rte. 315.

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