Saturday, December 29, 2007


Last night Mary Anne & I went out in the pouring rain to get pizza at Sizzle Pie in Kingston. As usual, the directions my father gave us were entirely too confusing & we went unnecessarily out of our way. We didn't know that North Street changes into Pierce Street. To go with everything else, I was low on gas so we stopped at the Turkey Hill next door. The pump didn't work so we went to the next one. The visibility stinks on nights like that. She, Steve & Bridget left at around 10:45 today. It was a hectic time but I really enjoyed most of it. This evening, I have to lector at 5:00 Mass. The weather's extremely nice today. It's been warm enough lately that all the snow's been melting. Yesterday, at various times, Uncle Frankie & Aunt Lauren showed up. Doug & Benjamin came over for a while too. The kinfolk all had a nice long talk about Doug's work as a policeman & all his controversial cases. I'd go stark raging nuts with a job like that. I read some of "War & Peace" yesterday & ate some gorgonzola cheese. That stuff takes some major getting used to.

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