Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Bridget got extremely sick early yesterday morning. She seems to be doing quite well now though but it was very scary for quite a while. Fran will be taking her & Mary Anne home from the hospital today. Steve, Michael & Sam went home at about 9:00 this morning. Michael has to go to work at one o'clock. Everybody had a good time. There were lasagne, ham, lamb & all sorts of other extremely seriously fattening foods. Sam is extremely heavily into soccer & the drums. He can ramble on about them absolutely constantly. We played Monopoly for a while on Christmas Eve & Christmas. We all got bored & frustrated after a while because that game really tends to linger until it gets boring & frustrating. They got the "Pirates of the Caribbean" version. Rocco & I were lectors at 10:00 a.m. Mass yesterday. The church was packed. Michael was supposed to go with me but things got entirely out of hand. Fran & Uncle Frankie got all the available kin to their house yesterday. For a while, one night, I hung around for well over an entire hour & listened to some solo Beatle CD's, everybody except John Lennon. Surprisingly, I still haven't gotten any headaches lately. It's officially been winter for the past few days. One advantage of this time of the year is that from now on, the sun will go down about a minute later each night from now on.

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Anonymous said...

Monopoly NEVER gets boring around here because you have to make up a whole set of rules. One of the big ones is we make up two piles of money on the board. One pile is any money that is used to buy property. The other might be any money transacted from Chance or Community Chest. If you land on Free Parking you get one of the piles which you have to flip for. You can make up a bunch.....makes the game much more interesting. I am getting more into classic movies too. I watched "The Nuns Story" it was pretty good and a far cry from the way things are like today eh?