Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Last night it snowed. It didn't amount to much but the ice on my car was so bad it took me an extra few minutes to pry my door open this morning. The paper machine at outside St. Joseph's wouldn't open either. It started snowing again sometime between 8:00 & 9:00. I noticed it when I got out of Mass. I finished "War & Peace" & started the substantially shorter "Northanger Abbey" last night. Jane Austen's always been quite a favorite of mine. National Popcorn Day, in honor of the Super Bowl, is celebrated some time during the second half of this month. The only catch is that no one has any idea of exactly when it is. As always, I eat entirely too much junk food. Yesterday I ate a whole bunch of M&M's. They taste really good but my weight will get out of control if I don't wise up. Coffee's yet another destructive addiction of mine. I'm sure each of these things most probably has it's annual national day too. I watched another one of those crime stories on A&E yesterday. They're really morbid & warped. Lately I've been finding them really interesting.

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