Thursday, February 07, 2008


Today is the forty fourth anniversary of the Beatles' very first ever appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Everyone knows what happened in the aftermath of all that. I literally can't even try to remember a time when they didn't fill the airwaves in my general area. I've never found another singer/band/etc. that's impressed me as much as they. Eberdeen, one of my internet connections, is in labor-excuse me, l-a-b-o-u-r because she's from England. I hope all works out well for her & her family across the pond. Uncle Frankie is back on his feet & even baking again. Yesterday he showed up with home_made cookies. He's still run down but he's getting better. Fran is still sick. It's a good thing she stays in the general area of work because she has to go insanely far away. Just when I thought there were already enough truly ignorant characters, around this morning I found two more at the BP gas station on Wyoming Avenue. I went into their store to get $11.00 worth of gas. There were two absolutely horribly annoying women right in front of me. Each one spent an unconscionably annoying length of time getting lottery tickets & other completely stupid things. Social skills be damned. Yesterday the weather absolutely stunk. It was pouring all day & night. Today's not much better so far. Yesterday I read a lot more of "The Possessed". Pretty soon I'll be finished with it.

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