Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's snowing & there should be a blizzard starting at noon, with around five inches expected. I'm sick & tired of it all by now. I just hope we can be spared another Valentine's Day like last year. Life these days has been pretty droll so far. I'm still reading "Emma". I've read it a few times before so it's really easy for it all to be able to sink in by now. I went over to O.L.Sorrows' blood drive yesterday for a minute. Since I already gave blood very recently I'm not eligible to give again for a few more weeks. I made sure I asked one of the women over there about how I can become a volunteer. Maybe it will give me access to job openings. She gave me a phone number to call the top bananas over in Wilkes_Barre. I'm always going to blood drives anyway so I might just as well take some kind of advantage of my habit. I have all sorts of anecdotes about my days as a blood donor. By becoming a volunteer, & maybe even working for them, things can only get even weirder. I'd always enjoyed helping at my old KofC council. It should be about the same kind of thing with them.

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