Thursday, February 14, 2008


The weather's better than yesterday but still icy. It's a nice quiet Valentine's Day so far. I'm assuming Uncle Frankie's still sick because we haven't seen him in quite a while. Usually he'd be around with bells on because Valentine's Day's always been quite an especially big candy day. Yesterday I read more of "Emma". I made sure I got my virtually inevitable daily dose of "I Love Lucy" too. I usually watch only old shows. Last weekend I even watched the "Three Stooges". Because those days were so much closer to the silent movie era than we are now, they were a lot better at physical comedy. Back then gestures meant a lot. Happy birthday to Anna, my former supervisor, & Benjamin, Michelle's son. Sadie Hawkins' Day is only fifteen days away. That's the day, that only happens on a leap year, when womenfolk get to hit on menfolk for a day. I know all sorts of very colorful stuff.

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