Saturday, January 03, 2009


Nothing much has been happening so far this weekend. I have to lector tomorrow at 10:00 Mass. Of course that may change by the time I get home. Lately there always seems to be someone trying to get me to cover at another Mass. My Facebook account has still been getting lots of mileage, especially from my Queens crowd. Ruthie just accepted my friends invitation. My parents are still quite busily cleaning up all the mess from the Christmas decorations. It's an extremely annoying chore because of all the boxes, decorations & other things that have to be put away again until next year. Lately I've been trying to see as many James Bond movies as possible. Yesterday I started watching "Die Another Day". It features Halle Berry as 007's love interest, Judy Dench as M, & Madonna sings the title song. The weather, so far, hasn't been so bad lately. Today, even early in the morning, it was quite clear & only as cold as it should be expected to be anyway. Yesterday was very cold but there wasn't any more rain or snow.

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