Monday, January 05, 2009


The weekend worked out well. I lectored at 10:00 Mass yesterday & went to the Holy Hour at 4:00. Amazingly I just got my second hit, on Wheresgeorge, from California. Usually I get stuck with only nearby states. My Facebook account has really been getting quite seriously hyperactive these days. Cousin Mark just joined. So far it's still full of mostly kin & St. Gabriel's people. This month, unfortunately, I shall have to get my car inspected. I made sure, over the weekend, that I opened my glove compartment to see if my registration & insurance cards are both still there. Without them I'd be in extremely seriously big trouble because they're both mandatory. Car troubles have always gotten me crazy. They make you stay in those places all day long surrounded by boring TV shows & periodicals, all about sports, which I've never enjoyed. Yesterday I made sure I read more of Shakespeare's "Cymbeline". It's extremely hard to figure out.

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