Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble in Wilkes_Barre again. It's always been a very favorite hangout of mine. They've moved their foreign film section. One of these days I shall have to see the Woody Allen movie, "Manhattan". While I was there there was a fairly brief thunderstorm. It was a loud spring shower. As I first left to go over to the Cross Valley Expressway I was quite struck with how much of a difference the construction for the new bridge makes. A lot of things are missing over on River Rd. Aunt Lauren doesn't usually come over but she showed up for a little while a couple of days ago. She was just leaving as I got home on Sunday. She was pulling out of the curb while I was at a stop sign. Yesterday Cathleen told me that Gael, a published poet, has compiled a book of her poetry & recently appeared at a book signing. Later today I have to leave my car at AA auto center on Wyoming Avenue in Exeter. If I don't get something done about the air conditioner sooner or later I shall go nuts. I have to get an oil change too. It's closer to the places I'm used to going to. They're over in Kingston. Mary Anne & family called yesterday. Michael's been sick lately.