Monday, August 17, 2009


Lately there's been quite a significant heat wave around here. People always have their air conditioners on. It's allergy season too. I've been coughing incessantly these days. I went to the last night of St. John's annual bazaar on Saturday. I ate pizza & butter pecan ice cream & drank Pepsi. It's most certainly not the healthiest diet I know of. I made sure I entered a few contests but didn't end up winning anything this year. At St. Joseph's yesterday Fr. Marchetti announced the new Mass schedule that will start next month because of the school year. I've been practicing my guitar & reading "Don Quijote" a lot lately. Fran & Uncle Frankie came over for a while on Saturday to show us her new car. She got it over in Dixon City. We went to a local diner in Port Blanchard with them & Lisa yesterday for breakfast at 11:00. I ended up ordering a Sicilian scrambled egg breakfast with rye toast. Tomorrow my father & I both shall have to go to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to get our pictures taken for our licenses. Both our birthdays are next month.