Friday, August 21, 2009


Uncle Frankie showed up for a while yesterday. Mary Anne called too. Sunday is Michael's twenty first birthday. It seems as if he were only born yesterday. I spent a while yesterday playing my guitar & reading "Don Quijote". Yesterday was the first day of Pittston's annual Tomato Festival. I made sure I went over at around 3:00 because I wasn't even the least bit sure of exactly when it was supposed to start. I parked on the street fairly close to the library & Domino's pizzeria on Broad Street. Unfortunately I was parked on a very steep part of the street & the main part of the festival is downhill & a few blocks away from there. It was an extemely hot day so I went nuts trying to get to the right place. Besides that, the woman at one of the stands said it wouldn't even start until 5:00 anyway. Instead of bothering to stay I left. I can go anytime between now & the weekend. This morning there was a bit of a summer shower. It felt especially nice.