Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble again. I needed another can of de_icer for my car so I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the trip to see if there was a car care store in the area. Other than Sears in the mall, there doesn't seem to be one. I ended up going to AA in Exeter, on Wyoming Avenue, to get what I needed. Today is Election Day so I made sure I stopped into the election booth to vote. People were handing out flyers outside the door so it appears electioneering isn't considered unethical around here. From what I know of Luzerne County politicians' reputation, neither is anything else. When I got inside the room, Howard asked if I should be willing, unlike everybody else so far, to pose for a picture for the Citizen's Voice. I said yes. Today's Steve's birthday. He's one of my old friends from Lindenhurst, now living in California.