Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmas beckons, getting closer by the second. My father has been feeling a little better each day so far. He got me to cut the frayed edges from the U.S. flag outside this morning. Over the weekend it got so violently windy that the flag got ripped. I heard on the news a while ago that Sunday's weather was the worst that New Jersey's had in quite a long time. Since then it's been very nice around here though. This Saturday morning I have to go back to Wilkes_Barre for a Carmelite meeting. Nothing much has been happening lately. I've been keeping up with my reading & guitar playing. My old friend Jim has just reminded me, on Facebook, that today marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of the disappearance, during World War II, of jazz musician Glenn Miller. Miller was a major in the Army Air Corps. I finished all the red licorice yesterday. It's not my favorite kind but it's certainly nice enough.