Thursday, May 24, 2007


Of course, Cathleen called me, yesterday, a walking Snapple cap, so I couldn't resist. I've always been really knowledgeable about all sorts of odd things & she made sure she put me on the spot about it. The weather has been getting much more to my liking lately. I've been walking at least once every couple of days. I try to exercise at least a fairly nice amount every day too. It's good for me. KrissyKrissyKrissy, to the very best of my knowledge, will be back bright & early tomorrow morning. I've been getting as much practice as possible these days with putting images into my blogs. It's much more enjoyable than always having to rely on mere words. I see that Russian looker is still trying to get me to help her come over to the U.S. I just humor her & politely ramble on. That's about how I usually deal with most people anyway. I haven't heard from the holy rollers lately though. I wonder what they could be up to these days.

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